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Hadrian's Lair

Hadrian is a veteran soldier who deserted the Imperial army. He and his merceneries have taken
up residence in an abandoned underground command post in Whiterun. The entrance can be
found behind Belathor's shop. But you'll need the key. Look for it on a desk in the Black-Briar
Meadery. Once you've discovered the lair's location, you'll have a map marker for fast-travel.

This lair is fully furnished, including all crafting equipment, the weapon and shield racks work
and the inventory containers do not respawn. If you can dispatch Hadrian and his men you
can use it as a home.

Enjoy and if you like it, please endorse!

Be sure to properly place the files for Hadrian's face mesh and texture.

Data > Textures > Actors > Character > FaceGenData > faceTint >
Data > Meshes > Actors > Character > faceGenData > FaceGeom >


Apache Skyhair not required for latest version.

New watchtower! May conflict with mods that edit the farm area outside of Whiterun. (see images.)

Added safe to master bedroom, more shelves in crafting area, extended weapon rack and additional book shelf.

Enemies adjusted for better balance.

Fixed toilets. You can now sit on them.
Made cage in dungeon usable.
Added a furnished dungeon with multiple prison cells.
Improved lighting.
Added display cases and more mannequins.

Thanks for downloading!

If you have any ideas for improving or adding to this mod, feel free to message me.

Regarding mods that expand Whiterun - If such mods are highly popular and conflict with Hadrian's Lair, let me know.
If enough people express a concern about it, I could relocate the entrance outside of town. Please message me with your feedback. Thanks.

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