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Adds Sharks to various bodies of water in Skyrim.

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Aquatic Life Overhaul -- By ElSte17
Planning on importing the models from this Oblivion Modders Resource

Update: Latest version is available on Steam as of now. I will upload the new version on the Nexus tonight.

Update: Update: The Island is a work in progress. I will make a player house and other stuff, and I will decorate the waters with the tropical fish that people have complained (justifiably) don't belong in Skyrim's waters. The island will be based in Elsweyr, so it is lore friendly.
Update: Next update will remove the non climate/lore-friendly tropical fish from the ocean and only keep the norther coldwater fish. However, those who liked the tropical fish, don't worry. To counter this, I'm going to make a tropical island getaway located somewhere in...Elsewhere (spelling?) I'm assuming that would be a good lore-friendly place, correct me if I'm wrong. But basically it'll just be accessible by a portal or a ship or something and you'll appear on an island in the middle of the ocean where I can put tropical fish and white sandy beaches and palm trees and such.

Update: Might join Tytanis Ultimate Mod.

Update: 17 different species currently added.


Adds lots more fish of many varieties to Skyrim.

Locations Mostly Complete So Far:
Solitude Docks
Ocean near Solitude Docks

Types of Life so far (all the same model, different sizes):
Young Shark
Great White Shark
Angel Shark
Blue Marlin
Humpback Red Snapper
Humphead Wrasse

Please note that the Sharks use the slaughterfish animations and behavior, which is why they don't move around as realistically as you might like. Please do not complain, as I don't know how or if it's even possible, nor am I interested at the moment, in trying to custom-animate every fish.

Also note that the non-hostile fish (the majority of the one's I'm adding soon) use the vanilla "salmon" animations/behavior so they don't do much more than swim around stupidly. Eventualy I'll get to adding ingredients linked to these fish so that you can catch them and eat them.

Running list of what I have completed for the next update (this will take some time):
Sheep Head
Kelp Bass
Leopard Shark

To come?:
Coral Reef
Different types of crabs
Mangrove Red Snapper
Northern Bluefin Tuna
Palette Surgeon
Skipjack Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowtail Clownfish

Most of these will come quickly because I am converting them from an Oblivion mod. Things such as eels, other sharks, dinosaur sea creatures, squids, etc. will take a much longer time. I will also consider doing an overhaul of a part of Skyrim and convert it to a "tropical" environment where most of these fish will blend in better.

For a quick Shark encounter, take a swim in the water by the Solitude Docks ;) .

What's to come? If people endorse, I will know they are interested, and I will continue to add new sea creatures to the waters of Skyrim.

Hope you guys enjoy, please endorse!

Install: Use NMM or merge the data folders and check the .esp file.