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What's RCRN Plus?

RCRN Plus is an addon for RCRN v3.6, featuring a new injector method with SMAA, ENB preset, enhanced exterior fog and sunglare.

This is based purely on my personal preference, and may or may not apply to your tastes. The main purpose is to subtletly improve colors, fix vanilla shadow bugs and give more vibrant visuals.

Results may vary on different monitors and for different tastes.
Check the comparison screenshots to get an idea.

Soon to be featured in "STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project"


-Custom SkyRealism ENB preset:

*Enhanced shadows and fixed stripping
*Parallax support (now fixed!)
*Subtle bloom
*Sunrays effect
*Vibrant but vanilla-friendly colors

-SweetFX (replaces FXInjector from RCRN)

*SMAA (optional, DISABLE AA from Skyrim options if using it)
*Better sharpen effect
*Technicolors and improved fake HDR

-Revamped Exterior fog, RCRN compatible

-Awesome sunglare by mannyGT


(1) INSTALL rcrnShaders.esp from the RCRN page on Nexus,


Pick the MANUAL version (I recommend Classic), and ONLY install the rcrnShaders.esp in Data folder. You do not need the other files!! Pick also the Volumetric Fog addon if you mind.

If you have RCRN already installed, UNISTALL it and keep only the esp.

(2) INSTALL d3d9.dll -VERSION 0.123- from ENBseries,


Take the file d3d9.dll from the Wrapper folder, put in Skyrim main folder, overwrite if a previous one is present.

(3) Copy all the files and subfolders from RCRN Plus to your Skyrim main folder.

If you choose to use SMAA, disable normal AA from skyrim options.

In Nexus Mod Manager load rcrnPlus.esp AFTER rcrnShaders.esp and enable it.

(4) ADD/CHANGE these strings in SKYRIMPREFS.INI (from documents/*username*/Skyrim folder):



-Press SHIFT+F12 to enable-disable ENB ingame!

-SkyRealism ENB takes approx 5 FPS, but fixes many vanilla bugs shadows striping.

-SMAA is an anti-aliasing method faster than MSAA and better-looking than FXAA, its performance cost is very low, you can choose to use it or not.

-Make sure you are not running ANY programs like MSI Afterburner, or your game will CtD on startup!


-Added a missing FX file, causing CtD on startup (shame be upon me)

-Name changed to RCRN Plus
-Changed injector method with SweetFX (includes SMAA)
-Added Revamped Exterior Fog, and made compatible with RCRN
-Added JJ Sunglare by MannyGT
-Tweaked nearly everything, ENB, contrast, colors
-Updated ENB support to v0.123
-Removed Vignette

-Updated for RCRN 3.6.x
-Swapped Vibrant with Vanilla preset of SkyRealism ENB, Vibrant was giving messed interior lighting, and was too overdone
-Minor tweaks to the injector

-Updated for RCRN 3.5
-Added SkyRealism ENB (Vibrant)

-Reduced sharpening effect

-Name changed to RCReN (RCRN Enhancer)
-Disabled FXAA
-Tweaked saturation
-Slightly improved illumination

-Adapted to RCRN v3.0 (this time preserving HDR)
-Improved saturation
-Added comparison screens

-Reduced sharpen
-Improved illumination
-Reduced blue


aLaaa and the RCRN team - for RCRN
IndigoNeko - for SkyRealism ENB
Boris Vorontsov - for ENBseries
Christian Cann Schuldt Jensen - for SweetFX (check the readome for more credits)
Gargorias - for Revamped Exterior Fog
Improbabile - for RCRN compatibility addon for Revamped Exterior Fog
MannyGT - for JJSunGlare