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Project: Critters Running Wild (Release Candidate)
Author: jsnider193
Version: Release Candidate 4.1
Release Date: 1/10/2013
Category: Creatures

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Skyrim Latest version used
Made with latest CK release and latest version of Skyrim


Implementation of the mod 'Creature Variants' into an ESM/ESP format. All needed files are contained here and nothing is required from the original. This is a WIP with changes being made to the esm/esp combination to improve what will the player will run into. It also adds a little bit of story for some of the new actors/clans that you might encounter. Future changes should not impact what find but only add to it. All encounters have been directly placed into the interior and exterior cells of Tameril so any conflicts should be minimized. Should be added that this will make parts of Tameril a tad bit harder for the lone adventurer .. dodge and weave is the message.


General: Version 4.0 of this mod adds in variants for the creatures listed below. The esm provided contains most data on the creatures and their unique weapons, armors, and ingrediants. The esp spreads the creatures here there and everywhere in Skyrim. Have posted some 'group' portraits of the critters may encounter, for more detail on these and their look check out the mod Critter Variants.

Version 4.1 includes fix for Books in the mod as it appears that last release of SKyrim changed how read same. Should be able to open and read the text again.

Version 4.2 .... still planning and working on it.

Atronachs: Adds modifications for these creatures (flame, ice and storm), implemented via esm if you can find the books or scrolls to call them forth. No vendor sells the books or scrolls at this point but can find them in the wild or in dungeons.
Chaurus: Adds 6 variants (normal and reaper).
Fire Spider: Adds 2 variants (large and giant).
Ice Spider: Adds 2 variants (large and giant).
Bark Spider: Adds 2 variants (large and giant).
Icewraith: Adds 6 variants .. expect to find with their kin in the wilds.
Stone Crab: 2 variants (large and giant) of 3 different skinned crabs, will normally be found near water and where a mudcrab is likely.
Spriggan: 4 base spriggans and 4 matrons.
Falmer Deep Ones: 3 main variants/clans with 21 plus different creatures that you may encounter. Refered to as the 'Deep Ones' in the mod and have the chance of having unique weapons on the corpses.
Stone Draugr: Many diffrent clans of the 'Stone Draugr' have begun to appear not only in the deep reaches of Skyrim but here and there on the surface. May encounter the Stone, Seeker/Snake, or Iron Clans. If unlucky may run into either the Forge or Matron class of these also. They do not care for most creatures especially normal draugr, dragons and Nords. Unique weapons may be found on the body of these critters ... see images.
Bears: Five different looks for the bear available for use .. Can be found in most wooded or tundra areas of Tameril.
Giants: Scattered here and there will find new breeds of giants frolicking with their kin for your fun and amusement. generally bigger, meaner and just as dangerous as their kin.
Sabrecats: Three new variants hunting in the wild .. hungry little buggers.
Wisps: Five variants may show up to say hello.
WispMothers: Five different variants may be encountered in the game with this mod.
Skeletons: Many variants may be encountered in Skyrim .. images provided for your viewing.
Dragon Priests: 3 possible variants may show up see images for details.

Weapons/Shields: When encounter the Deep Ones or the Stone Draugr they may have their own weapons that you can loot. The items themselves are not able to be constructed (don't have the art anymore) but are upgradeable. To upgrade will have to find a unique ingot that the Stone Ones may have on them or it may be hidden in some chests here and there.

Can also find some Ancient Bows in some of the Dungeons that have been looted and held as prizes by the denizens. These bows may be upgraded when found but how to make them has been lost.

Future: Plan to add in some Bandit variants in an update and smooth out some rough spots on some textures using. Also will probably break out the weapons/sheilds as a unique es?(p/m) for those that want them but not all the threats associated with them.

Other: Nine special locations have been placed via the esp with some special loot and information for the players enjoyment. If find some brownish engraved standing stones with a chest in the middle for six of the locations (and a dead body on top) then you have found one of the prizes. Good luck getting it though. Also the first clue on this part of the hunt is to be found in Breezehome on the stairs to the loft. Further work will be done on this story line to add more dungeons/hunts along the plot line laid out here.

Contents: Download consists of a separate ESM and ESP plus mesh and texture folders. Have not done a BSA as overall this is intended as a resource also for those that might want to add some different variants of the standard Skyrim actors to their own mods.


Manual Instructions

1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
2) Make sure the Critters Running Wild esp/esm pair is checked.


Manual Instructions

1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod
2) Unheck the Critters Running Wild esp and the esm in the Launcher


Future upgrades will be provided in an incremental manner to the main mod folders (meshes/textures) provided.
V4 contains all prior releases and when prompted to overwrite please do so.


Should not be any, no changes made to the vanilla leveled lists of Skyrim. All encounters are unique placements.

Warning: Spawns appear to be causing VRAM and overload issues in certain areas of Tameril (especially in those that have over 100% load in the CK). This appears to be an issue not only with this mod but with others. Solution still being hunted. Have not run into this with latest release of Skyrim but will not say others won't.

Known Issues:

Now and then the game seems to freeze especially when transition from one cell to another. Unable to find cause at this point (see above warning).

Change log:

6/1/2012 - Initial Release
6/1/2012 - Update to ESP, adding in the Spell Books for the Atronachs and placing them and individual scrolls in the game. Not for sell must be found in the interior cells.
6/6/2012 - Update ESM/ESP to add in new critters plus attempt to resolve flicker and stuttering in game with the mod. Just copy over the original when asked.
6/18/2012 - Release of Version 3 of the mod.
6/21/2012 - Update for V3 to V3.1
6/22/2012 - Update V3.2, merged mesh fix and 3.1 into 1 file.
1/10/2013 - Release of version 4 of the mod.

Contact Details:

You can get in contact by sending a Personal Message to me here on Nexus or by posting your question in the mod.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on.
Thanks to RivenTats for some nice tats applied here and there.

Tools Used:

ReadMe Generator

Creation Kit


You can do whatever you wish with this, just do not complain if something goes wrong.

Credit for my work would be appreciated.

Modder's Will:

If I am offline for six months or longer and do not respond to any attempts made at contacting me, then you are free to upload this project to another site(s) as long as I am credited as the original author. This is considered a resource by me and available for others to use/mod/change as they desire.