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August 21 2012-Version 2 released. His proper weight should be set at 50--look at the solution below.

BIG thank you to 83Willow who told me the solution to the neck seam! Here is what you do
1- open up the console with the tilde key and then click on Marcurio. In the console you should get a set of numbers and letters which is his basegame ID.
2- type in "setnpcweight XX" without the quotes and where XX is the value of the weight.
3- The V1 younger Marc weight is 50 and the V1 Older Marc is 60 . Version 2 Marc is 50
4- Hit enter after you typed everything in, and then the weight has changed and the neck seam would be fixed!
5- exit the console by using the tilde key and make sure to SAVE YOUR GAME. From then on the neckseam will work forever throughout that playthrough, even after you restart.

Obviously choose one, not both. Install through NMM or manually by putting it into the main folder. Also make sure that the esp is below any mod that affects followers in the load order (ie UFO).

Uninstall is vice versa. If you are uninstalling manually make sure that you delete the NIF, TARGA, and DDS files all under his code 000b9980. Otherwise you’d get a grey face for the vanilla Marcurio, which is pretty easy to confuse up.
These files are located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm and

Credits and Recommendations
As usual, there should be no problem with compatibility. However if you have other facial mods, you might not get his exact look. If you want it exactly, here is the list of mods that I used for him
Gizmodian Scars
Navetsea’s hair
Though male hair is too shiny in the game. I recommend AOF hair textures if you are not using my Aela facemorph, or don't mind.

Armors that I recommend for him!
Warmage Armor
Dwarven Mage
HN66 Earrings

What I used to make the screenshots
Jasmin Real Cinema ENB for the older Marcurio
Jasmin Real Graphic ENB for the younger Marcurio
Realistic Lighting
Puppeteer Master
Console commands

And thanks to gnatozuj, whose Marcurio mod inspired me to make my own. <3

Known issues
Marcurio’s neck doesn’t fit correctly with his body. You can see this with his vanilla robes, and even more so if he has no clothes. Found a solution! ie, read above

As always, enjoy!