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Eliona - Vampire Battlemage


- No mods required, no console used
- Custom enchanted legendary light armor
- Legendary dual wielding Dawnbreaker (obtained by casting Blizzard in the Dawnbreaker chamber, not sure if that bug is known)
- Being Vampire (Undead) and Necromancy Perk resulting in all abilities cast on self to gain 25% strength. This works for Alteration (Ironskin), Restoration (Close Wounds) and others.
- Unlimited Destruction Magic casting as reduce cost of Destruction Magic enchantments exceeds 100%
- Almost magic immune from enchantments
- High sneak with additional 25% from Vampire powers
- Night Vision from Vampire powers
- Immune to disease and poisons
- Master Conjuration abilities
- Master Destruction abilities
- Master Restoration abilities
- Excellent crafting clothing for alchemy and smithing
- Fully decorated houses in Riften and Whiterun
- Main storyline completed but many quests still open


Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold
Leader of the Thieves Guild
Thane of Whiterun Hold
Thane of Hjaalmarch
Member of the Companions
Assassin of the Dark Brotherhood

Playing Tipps:

0. Play any difficulty.
1. Sneak a lot if you don't want to use summons. Use Detect Life and Night vision at Night and in Caves.
2. Use the dagger to instantly kill most enemies.
3. Weaker enemies can be attacked with dual Dawnbreakers or Destruction Magic.
4. Stronger enemies can be dispatched using dual-cast Lightning Bolt quickly, even Ancient and Elder (named) Dragons on Expert. This is especially useful in combination with the Dragonrend shout.
5. If you don't like sneaking, dual conjure a couple of dremora lords or raise the dead with "Dead Thrall" permanently or "Dread Zombie" for temporary allies. Any kind of summon is great when fighting more than one opponent. You can also use the frost shout or unrelenting force for some breathing space.
6. Use Kyrns Peace when attacked by wild beats (saber cats, bears) and sooth them. Unless you want to fight.
7. Don't forget to cast Ironskin before a fight
8. You can feed in most cities, Temple in Whiterun if you don't mind feeding of the sick. Thief's Guild in Riften, College in Winterhold, Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood and many other places.


1. Extract the file using 7zip
2. Place the file in your My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves Folder.

Have Fun! Took me a while to get there :-)