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Long Description:
Being a Vampire in Skyrim is not near as beneficial as it was in previous Elder Scrolls games. Vampires in Skyrim become very weak in the sunlight but don't gain many benefits for the price they pay. What this mod does is tweak the Vampiric abilities and spells to be very strong in the dark, while being weakened by the sun, much more like traditional Vampires. Below is a list of changes to the Vampiric attributes that have been changed in this mod; with this, vampires have decent strength in the dark, but are not entirely weakened in the sunlight. Most of these attributes intensify the longer you go without feeding.
In the sunlight:
-Damage Health, Magicka, and Stamina Regeneration
-Damage Base Health, Magicka, and Stamina Regeneration (not the case if you have fed in the last 24 hours)
-Weakness to Fire
Out of the sunlight:
-Resist Frost
-Regenerate Health, Magicka, and Stamina faster
-Increased Unarmed Damage
-Increased Melee Damage
-Fortify Carry Weight
Spell Changes:
-Vampiric Drain: Stronger/Only effective when not in sunlight
-Hunter's Sight: Name change/only works when not in sunlight/Night Eye/Detect Life/Now a Lesser Power
-Embrace of Shadows: Now a Lesser Power
-Vampire's Servant: Now a Lesser Power/Stronger
-Vampire's Seduction: Now a Lesser Power/Stronger
-Dread Cload: Same in Sunlight, but stronger when out of sunlight

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is completely compatible with saves in which you are already a vampire. All it does is modify the existing traits of a vampire (even some NPCs).