Evil Overlord Hideout by Lakword
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Banner provided by SvarogNL  ^^ I do not allow for using my recuorces for mods which are being made for profit. I support free mod community

Small HQ for evil character. Its a little remaked Palace of the kings Throne room but I think you will like it. It has 5 NPC which will protect you if enemy follows you to HQ. Small trophy room and sleep quaters for followers. Followers can follow player to this base so dont worry. Base its located near Markarth next to the farm (Only farm near Markarth)

Vampire version was requested and if features few more options than overlordhideout version. Vampire version got 2 more rooms

-Blood pool with always sleepign victim which will respawn if she dies
-Sleeping quaters for vampire
-Also adds 4 followers. Vampire, Demon, Werewolf and Ghost

I wanted to make this place look like Overlord tower from game called Overlord but if I would do such a thing then followers couldnt follow player there... Still I plan to make such mod :)

CHEK MY OTHER MODS AS WELL Evil Overlord Tower Quest Overlord Hideout (Not impresive) Dark Orb Guild (Flying city. Recruting quest maker)