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Added: 31/05/2012 - 11:48AM
Updated: 02/08/2013 - 10:21AM

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Last updated at 10:21, 2 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 11:48, 31 May 2012

UPDATE! - Now includes a seperate download for all the DLC. This version has been produced by lifestorock. I have not been involved in this. Go download it now if you have all the DLCs for more looting oppertunities!

Bored of the 4 Cabbages and 3 Carrots loot?
Annoyed by the unlootable containers?
Miss the gameworld clutter in containers?
Want looting to be a bit more Morrowind?

If so, Piratelords Loot Adjustments might be just want you want. Based on my expectations, and years of experience from Morrowind & Oblivion levelled lists, PLA has been born.


This mod has 2 goals, to change the static containers to real containers, and to make loot more varied, bringing back the Morrowind feel of looting and NPC inventories, where you never know what you will find.

* All static containers are now true containers (Barrels, Crates and Weathered Crates)
* New containers have random themed loot
* Food barrels/sacks now have a mix of food/ingredients
* Gameworld clutter added to loot lists (affects mainly the bandit dungeons)
* Dwemer and Nordic coins introduced to replace septim (gold) entries in Dwemer/Draugr lists
* Higher level Ingots should be a bit more rarer, especially at vendors
* Lockpicks should be slightly rarer
* Gems should be slightly rarer
* Dwemer containers should only contain Dwemer themed loot
* Blacksmiths have a random base inventory now and a slim chance of unlevelled items
* Unenchanted weapons/armour sold at earlier levels at blacksmiths
* General Traders have greater amounts of clutter, and a slim chance of unlevelled items
* Increased base gold of spell vendors
* Household containers have increased househld clutter, and small chance of rarer/expensive items
* Draugr Clutter and armour added into Draugr lists
* Clams have a chance of having pearls

What's new in Version 1.1
* Changed all new containers to respawning containers
* Fixed the broken Scroll levelled lists, and added scrolls to loot lists
* Added Fractured gem versions
* Added Iron and Steel Rings
* Fixed the "Cupboards of Loot"
* Food containers have a chance of producing "Utility Magic" loot

What's new in version 1.2
* Rebalanced a few of the lists
* Adjusted Weathered Crate loot

What's new in version 1.3
* Rebalanced the small and large Urns

What's new in version 1.4
* Lots of new clutter designed by InsanitySorrow (includes Morrowind Dwemer clutter, Oblivion style Crystal Balls, Wooden Toy Sword, Spinning Wheel Toy, Scrubbing Brush)
* Lower chance of loot, average value per container roughly 30% lower then previous
* WorldSpace and Cell changes recreated, this should hopefully fix the CTD issues caused by TesSnip
* Couple of tweaks to levelled lists

Mod Conflicts:
This mod will conflict with any other mod changing containers and levelled lists
PLA includes the coins use by Skyrim Coin Replacer by TheDamned, so you don't need to use SCR
PLA changes static containers to real containers, so you don't need any mod that does the same

Known Issues:
Currently there appears to be a problem where PLA can cause CTDs on cell change, this looks like it could be something to do with the Bashed process. It's being slowly investigated, as there's no reason for this error.

Thanks to TheDamned for the new coin meshes, Jackstarr for testing and feedback

Future Changes:
On going tweaks based on feedback
New texture set for worn Dwemer Armour
Possible price rebalancing module