Tomb of Trials by Matt Donatelli
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Deep within Winterhold Barrow, there is a secret that will bring you great power and wealth. Tell me adventurer... are you strong enough, cunning enough, and daring enough to face the Tomb of Trials? Will you prevail against the many challenges within? Or, will you join the ranks of the fallen?

1) Quest Information
The quest will begin either when the player 1) first sleeps after installing the mod, or 2) upon the player entering the Winterhold Barrow dungeon. The Winterhold Barrow location is a new playable dungeon created by yours truly, and located up the path behind the jarls hut and to the left in the mountainside. The quest is approximately 30 minutes long, and will test all of your abilities, and is unlike any dungeon currently in the game. The quest rewards include a powerful sword beyond any of the player's enchantment abilities (leveled), a book of lore, and generic loot scattered throughout chests in the dungeon. Player level 20+ recommended.

2) Compatibility

No known issues with v1.1

3) Changelog
Version 1.1

-Fixed compatibility issues with Moonpath and Beyond Skyrim Mods
-Fixed Soulgems Stuck in Player Inventory. (Made them no longer quest items)
-Fixed Doors so that the Player can't get locked out of main room. (Added pullchains)
-Fixed some CTDs and missing texture errors.

4) Author's Note

Thanks for your interest, and please rate and comment if you enjoy! - Matt Donatelli (

Special thanks to Daniel Hensey for contributions to the writing and lore in this mod.