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Osare Gothic Lolita Re-Texture
(Be sure to take pictures if you download it :D! I'd love seeing them!)


This is a retexture I made for the Osare Gothic Lolita Outfit!!
By Anano

Made for UNP, but looks great with CBBE too!
It replace's the white and Beige dress from the Gothic Lolita mod.

Qasmoke(testing hall)
1 - [coc qasmoke] in the console.
2 - Buy it by merchant
3 - [coc Riverwood] in the console.

This is a pretty flawed re-texture, I ask that you forgive that, I'm still fairly new to this
stuff :'D.


First download and install Anano's Gothic lolita Outfit!

Copy all content to the Skyrim/Data folder.Or just install via NMM. (Nexus Mod Manager)

Check to make sure the Osare GothicLolita.esp is loaded (From the launcher click data files and look for a check in the box).
DO NOT upload any of my works with out my expressed permission. Thank you.
I do not give permissions to upload my works on Steam, whatsoever.

Remove the following folders:

textures\Osare\GothicLolita\White and Beige


Known Issues:

Poor quality lol. Sorry, I'm pretty new to retexturing!



Bethesda - Skyrim

Anano - For his glorious gothic lolita outfit, and giving me permission to upload my re-texture :D!

Hoooolllyyy Nugget, I had a small feature in Skyrim Mods Weekly: Bits 'n' Bobs. Wow.. :'D
Thanks to Brodual!