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BETA - Allows an NPC to resurrect (respawn) after a few days once they die. Great for mods that spawn monsters/raids that might get a little too close to town and kill NPCs.

Permissions and credits
Don't forget to backup your saves! :)
This mod was a request by janos16

Who is changed?
All unique NPCs EXCEPT:
NPC's specifically assigned a Main quest code in front of their name
Followers (Optional)

What was changed?
All unique NPCs not listed above have "respawn" checked in their actor dialogue box, meaning they will respawn (or resurrect from the dead) after 10 days.

How does this affect Quest NPCs?
It doesn't affect them at all - most of them are usually set to essential. If they are important enough to have a Quest Code in their name, I did not make them respawn to avoid breaking any quests.

How does this affect followers?
If your follower respawns (using the original ESP) their inventory will be reset. In the optional file where you can leave out followers, they will not respawn, so you don't need to worry about their inventory being reset.

Issue with an NPC? Leave a comment! I will fix it as soon as I can for you :)