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Pickpocket, kill and loot children. Quest-related children "Essential" until quest completion. Alternate method of adding map marker if certain random-encounter children are killed. More realistic loot added to most children. Base or Hearthfires versions. Now with TK Children compatibility!

Permissions and credits
The TK Children Patch requires everything listed in the 24th March update below. The Hearthfires version requires ONLY Hearthfires! There are NO required files for the basic Killable and Lootable Children mod!

UPDATE 24th March, 2014

A compatibility patch has finally been made! Killable and Lootable Children is now compatible with TK Children! But... there is a catch.
Right now, there is only a patch for the Hearthfires version of KLC. And there are a few extra requirements:


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UPDATE #2 for 3rd February, 2013

Killable and Lootable Children has finally reached version 1.0! All of the goals I originally set for this mod have been implemented!
UPDATE 3rd February, 2013

Killable and Lootable Children has been updated to version 0.91 to fix an error with Aventus Aretino. He should show up properly now.

To-the-point description

Pickpocket, kill and loot children. Certain, quest-related children are "Essential" until the related quests are finished. Certain, random-encounter children have a note that adds the map marker they would add through dialog. Changes the inventories of most children.

Boring, drawn-out description

Very early in my Skyrim experience, I broke into a house. I started stealing away, then noticed a woman asleep in her bed. I thought "I have no skill for it, but maybe I can pick her pocket since she's asleep." I was wrong. She woke up and attacked. I fought back and killed her, but noticed too late that her child saw me. Her son awoke his father, who also attacked. I killed him, too. Then the kid ran to warn others. So I attacked the kid. Which was when I realized that kids couldn't die. The entire village, warned by the kid, proceeded to kick the crap out of me.

What to do? Easy, head over to Skyrim Nexus and find a mod that makes children killable! Thus I found Xylozi's excellent "Killable Children" mod. Hurray! I started Skyrim, headed to Whiterun and hunted down that little brat, Braith. Pulling out my trusty bow, I hid behind a house and sniped her. Insta-kill! Yes! "Now," thought I, "time to loot her corpse!" But, lo and behold, her corpse was not lootable! And none of the children could be pickpocketed!

What to do now? Obviously, it was time to fire up the Creation Kit. Checking out "Killable Children," the problem was clear. All I had to do was tick "Allow Pickpocket" under each of the child races, and the problem was solved! And thus, this mod was born!

But simply modifying Xylozi's work was lazy of me, and didn't really accomplish everything I wanted to do. So I started over from scratch. I modified all of the child races by removing the "Child" flag and, again, ticking "Allow Pickpocket." But then their was another issue: some children are required for certain quests, and killing them prematurely could cause issues. So I marked certain children as "Essential" until the end of the relevant quests. Then I heard about two boys that can be met in the wild through a random encounter that add a certain map marker. I though, "I'd probably kill them before I had a chance to get that information," so I added a note to one of them as an alternate means of acquiring the marker. Then I thought, "I should change the inventories of more of these kids to be more realistic." And so I created a few new levelled lists and changed a number of inventories by adding the new lists and/or other items I felt made more sense for those kids to have. And now I offer you "Killable and Lootable Children," finally at full 1.0 status, and Hearthfires compatible. I hope you enjoy it!

Stuff that should be obvious

This is compatible with ticknic's new children, as that (highly recommended!) mod changes meshes/textures only.
Choose only one version of this mod. The regular version will work fine with Hearthfires, however there will be one child that cannot be killed. If you have Hearthfires and want the ability to kill all of the little bas... um, kiddies, grab the Hearthfires version.
This mod is incompatible with other child-killing mods, and most likely mods that change the behaviors or inventories of children.

Future plans

  • Update, if necessary, for Dragonborn DLC
  • Fix any issues discovered/reported
  • (Hopefully) Update, as necessary, for future DLC
  • (Perhaps) Extend the scope and make a full-fledged "Children Overhaul" mod, including such things as actual genders for children, beast children, new children, etc.

Changes to version 1.0 (base and Hearthfires versions)
  • Babette essential until completion of "Death Incarnate"
  • Nelkir essential until completion of "The Whispering Door"
  • Fjorta essential until completion of "The Heart of Dibella"

Changes to version 0.91 (base and Hearthfires versions)
Fixed error in script that was preventing Aventus Aretino from showing up.

Changes to version 0.90
  • Aventus Aretino now only Essential until completion of "Innocence Lost"
  • Removed Nightshade and Book: A Kiss, Sweet Mother from Aventus Aretino (finally noticed they were on the ground around him :tongue:)(for Hearthfires version)
  • Unticked "Essential" flag for Sofie
  • Replaced "LootCitizenPocketsChild" with "KLC_FarmKidVeggiesKnud" for Blaise
  • Added "KLC_LootOrphanPockets" to Lucia
  • Created new Levelled List "KLC_SofieCommonFlowers75"-75% chance of Blue, Purple or Red Mountain Flower
  • Created new Levelled List "KLC_SofieRareFlowers50"-50% chance of Deathbell, Dragon's Tongue, Lavender or Nightshade
  • Added "KLC_LootOrphanPockets", "KLC_SofieCommonFlowers" (x4), "KLC_SofieRareFlowers50" (x2) and Red Mountain Flower to Sofie