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A portable fortress that can be deployed anywhere in the Tamriel world. With crafting, storage, displays, assignable companion roles and a teleport ring.

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Thanks to KakerMix this mod is now available for Skyrim Special Edition:
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress - Skyrim Special Edition (Converted by KakerMix)


FC Kagrenac's Instant Fortress
a Flatline Construct

Long ago, when the Red Mountain halls still echoed with the sound of Mer,
there worked a great architect by the name of Kagrenac.

Beyond words were the wonders he could fashion. Giant machines of steel and
magic, oil and steam, that could tear through the essence of space and even
twist time itself.

Of these marvels, one was particularly sought after, a wondrous fortress
existing in the safety of nowhere. A place that Kagrenac himself once called

It is told that Kagrenac could fold away the fortress. Into a cube not much
bigger than a fist. And build it again in mere seconds, anywhere he so

Many the wizen old mage has claimed to have lived there, many the trickster
has tried to sell a trinket in deceit, but none can truly say where or when
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress is now.

Lost forever, perhaps, or will some unknowing traveler stumble upon it one
day and share this fascination with the world.


First of all you have to find Kagrenac's Ring of Return. It is located in
the north east of the map (images provided) under a skeleton's hand.
(NOTE: With V1.1 and above the ring is in a pouch to make finding it

The location is east of Windhelm, very close to the Yngol Barrow back
door (there is no map marker). It is south of the Wreck of the Winter

Equip the ring and once inside the fortress just activate the Fortress
Shutdown stand.
(NOTE: Until you've activated the Shutdown Stand you will not "own" the
items inside.)

- If for some reason you can't find the ring you can use the console:

Open Console
help "ring of return"
(Get the ID of the ring and replace the X's in the command below.)
player.additem XXXXXXXX 1

(NOTE: DO NOT give yourself the cube using the console. The cube
is inside the fortress. You can have as many rings as you want, but
only the default cube allows the shutdown stand to function
correctly. The ring will also fail if you have the cube in your
(VERSION 4.0 - The ring will now work when you've got the cube
on you. The shut down stand and door will be disabled.)

Video made by moutaindew101:


This mod gives the player a portable home. You can build Kagrenac's Instant
Fortress anywhere in Tamriel World. Just make sure you give it enough space.

The fortress will remain wherever you've placed it until you activate the
shutdown cube stand. There is an exit door up the spiral stairs.

The home comes with a full compliment of crafting apparatus.
There's also ample storage, 4 mannequins, weapon racks and displays.

It also includes assignable roles for six followers. A cook, two guards,
two guests and a spouse.
(NOTE: Your spouse has to be a follower, as you have to bring them
into the fortress in order to set it as their marital home.)

Along with the fortress you also get a teleport ring. Equip the ring to
instantly travel inside the fortress, unequip to travel back.
(NOTE: With Version 4.0 the ring only works when you equip it, either

The fortress, once deployed, has a map marker.

None of the storage containers are set to respawn.

There is no Autosave when entering and leaving the fortress.
(I can enable it? But the mod does run much smoother without it.)

Version 2 Changes:
Residents will now continue to follow you if not dismissed.
They will be automatically teleported into the fortress when dismissed
anywhere outside.
When told to leave the fortress residents will now automatically
teleport "home" (their default location). This doesn't happen if they are
a current follower.
As residents can now leave the fortress I've set them to essential.

There is also a bit of error checking code in the "shutdown stand" script;
any residents missing (for whatever reason) will be reset inside the
fortress. This doesn't happen if a follower is set to "waitingforplayer".

Version 3 Changes:
Added a smelter to the smithing area.

Bard npc / music box added. If she glitches, just switch it off and on
again. And the second song button won't work until you've finished
the main quest.

Levers added to each of the water features, so you can switch them
off and on.

PLEASE READ: Version 4 Changes

Use a CLEAN SAVE if possible, updating from an older version can
glitch. But I have tested it with an older version save game and didn't
lose any residents or items.

Major changes to code, it works differently now. I've done my best
to make it work properly without a clean save, instructions below:

1. Ensure that the fortress is "shut down" / dismantled before
installing this version.

2. The ring will be back in the skeleton's pouch.
(You can also use the console to get a new one. Sorry about that,
but the original was glitching.)

3. If the cube doesn't work try dropping it and picking it back up
again. Or console yourself another one.
[help "Instant Fortress"]
Get the item ID
[additem XXXXXXXX 1]

And that should do the trick.


1. Fixed quite an annoying reset glitch.
(Kudos to Decius Argonath for finding the cause.)
2. Made changes to the tower build and shut down to make it far more stable
over time.
3. Other changes to increase stability.
4. Ring now works only when you put it on, either way.
5. Added a new outfit option when hiring the Chef and Guards.
WARNING: Outfit change is permanent, select "No" if you're
unsure. The original outfit reference is lost.


If you're stuck with an old tower without a door, you can use
"markfordelete" in the console to delete the pieces. There
are 9 pieces of tower and the smoke. (Do not delete the door.)


1. Fixed glitched weapon plaques in display room.
2. Turned kitchen chest the correct way around.


1. Changed display room layout to prevent glitching.
2. Tweaked AI packages and added some idle markers.
3. Changed some clutter.


1. Quite a big change to followers, see "what does this mod do?" above.
2. Changed some clutter.
3. Other minor tweaks.


1. So sorry, my error checking code had an error. Nothing game breaking
but ... go figure!


1. Complete revamp of lighting and effects.
2. Fixed glitching mannequins.
3. Fixed cook AI package.
4. Changed/added some clutter.
5. Fixed some other minor issues.


1. Added error message to ring when the cube is in the player's
2. Couple of very minor changes.


1. After many requests I redesigned the smithing area and
added a smelter.
2. Added containers.
3. Changed and added clutter.


1. Fixed spouse glitch.


1. Added a music box and modified main living area.
2. Changed enchanting room.
3. Added master bedroom water feature.


1. Added an off/on lever to each of the water features.

OPTIONAL - Deploy conditions removed so you can place the
tower anywhere. WARNING: This version is more likely to glitch!


WARNING: Make sure the Tower is DISMANTLED before updating.

1. Fixed quite an annoying reset glitch.
2. Other changes to increase stability.
3. Ring now works only when you put it on, either way.
4. Ring no longer works from city world cells, to avoid glitch.
5. Ring can be used when the fortress is "shut down".
6. Added a new outfit option when hiring the Chef and Guards.
WARNING: Outfit change is permanent, select "No" if you're
unsure. They won't change back.

OPTIONAL - Deploy conditions removed so you can place the
tower anywhere. WARNING: This version is more likely to glitch!

V4.1 & 4.1b

1. V4.0 ESP file cleaned of all dirty edits.
(Very sorry, thought I'd been careful.)

Added an optional 4.1c without a BSA file. All scripts, meshes and
textures are in folders. Requires a manual install.


Install with NMM, or copy these 3 files into your Skyrim Data folder:



1. Always make sure the that the tower is dismantled before
removing the mod.
2. Don't leave anything or anyone inside the fortress cell.

Remove using NMM, or delete these 3 files from your Skyrim DATA folder:



If you find that the scripts aren't working, i.e. you put on the ring and nothing
happens, try updating Skyrim to the latest version. Not sure which versions fail,
but others with the script glitch have got it working with a Skyrim update.

The ring can glitch the game it you use it too soon after loading a cell, causing
your character to move quickly and a CTD. Avoid using the ring in city "world"
cells. (V4.0 the ring will not work from city world cells.)

The fortress has a Nav Mesh Glitch which makes companions unable to move
around it.
(NOTE: Nav mesh glitch is completely fixed with the official 1.6 patch. No more
beta patch requirement.)

Make sure your character is not moving before deploying the fortress, if
you don't you might see gaps between the tower pieces. And don't deploy
while jumping or falling.

There's a possible horse bug when leaving the fortress. It may spawn
in the air. (Seems to happen very rarely.)

Glitch during Marriage if your Spouse or a Guest is residing in the
fortress. Easily fixed with the shutdown stand, but I'd recommend sending
them home before going to the Temple of Mara.

Please let me know if you find any other bugs.


Feel free to use any of the script ideas in this mod, however I would
appreciate a mention as the original source.

Translations are welcome, feel free to message me with any

If you copy this mod to another website, please make sure to credit
me as the mod's author.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
The Nexus for giving me a place to showcase the work.

Fortress design and scripting by Flatline42.