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This mod adjusts the scenery and lighting in Markarth. All the exterior light sources have been properly set, Dwarven ruins have been added to the cliff sides and town, and many new trees and foliage have been added (as well as some old trees removed).

Permissions and credits
(formerly known as Markark+ (Trees & Ruins)

This is a visual mod created for Markarth for none other than my own enjoyment. I was sick of the scraggly and dead looking trees that inhabited the city grounds. Instead, I thought some pines might fit the old mountainside a bit better with a few floral touches here and there. Not to be forgotten is the eye-candy Dwarven ruins in the mountainsides - although it is currently of no practical use.

Video Showcase (as well as a few other mods): (Thanks ArsenalRobert!)
Here is the address to the youtube video:

NOTE: The newer screenshots have the lighting fixes. The older shots are from the first released version and lack many things.

This mod should be fully compatible with any other mods that do not modify the city of Markarth or the cliffs that surround it.

There is a steam workshop version of the mod known as: "Markarth+ (Trees & Ruins)"
Thanks for checking it out and if you like it (or even if you don't) please leave a comment .
- Harleyvitality

Other mods used in Screenshots:
Superl3 ENB RL (modified)
Skyrim HD - 2k Textures
Vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Enhanced Night Skyrim
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Lush Grass & Trees (not so sure this is actually in there but just to be safe)

If you're into an actual quest and a thought-out story for a player-home mod, please check our Ironlion's Alfheim Hall mod: . He did a really nice job setting up the farm to look and feel like it belongs there.


Fixed a pine tree that was floating near treasury.
Changed the broken pipe waterfall effect.
Added new sound to that same waterfall.
Increased the "flow" of the river after the waterfall - due to the excess water coming down from the broken pipe (it just makes sense).
Fine-tuned a few light sources around the town.
Increased the size of the large coal basin piles. They were small coals in a large basin. They should now look more appropriate for the size of the basin.
Added some new ruins and decoration on the mountains.
HOPEFULLY fixed the issue with the towers not rendering properly on some games.

Removed magical floating rock.
Tweaked lighting levels around Apothecary & Keep entrance.
Added new coal basin near Ogmund's house.
Attempted to add many new insect spawns (This is proving annoyingly difficult to keep them going).
SOMEHOW missed the lighting near the Silver-blood Inn - It is fixed now.
Added a few more light sources and modified a few as well.

Added Lighting to Smelter
Added A few new Coal Basins
Properly adjusted all exterior lighting in Markarth (There is a mod that does this but I just felt like making my own adjustments).
Properly adjusted the waterfall sound (finally).
Added a few more trees.
Fixed a few graphical glitches in the Dwarven ruins.

Adjusted waterfall sound from Dwarven pipe.
Added hanging coal basins on main defensive wall.
Added a bit more Dwarven ruin scenery.
Added more foliage to the Southern side.
Added more pine trees and a few Aspen trees.
Hanging moss near Treasury was scaled down.

Current version - 0.3
Previous version - 0.25

Possible BUGS:
The tilted tower sometimes does not render properly. No reports of other structures doing this yet.

Fix: Press F5 then F9 and it should appear. Not something I seem to be able to fully fix.