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Redone interior to an upscale style fit for a Thane.

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Noble Breezehome v1.02 - Final

New replacer will replace vanilla cell, all other versions are still available.

Noble Breezehome v1.01

Hello every one, E2B2’s wife here! You will find two different files in this update. The first will replace the vanilla Breezehome, the second will leave the vanilla as is and add a stand alone Breezehome located behind Belethors Goods. I’ve spent the week trying to address the quirks that came to light and aside from the lighting I feel confident. Lighting seems to be my nemesis but considering this is only my second mod for any game ever, and I didn’t know the tall ugly thing was the computer when I met my husband, I’m happy. If any one has some ideas on how to fix the lighting PLEASE share them!

Noble Breezehome v1

Another house mod by my wife. She was so happy to get her first house reward fit for a Thane. Only to find it fit for a bum, sorry Brenium.
Enter the CK.
She has redone most of the interior, changed the walls, removed that hideous trip, fall and burn alive fire pit right as you enter. Added more storage, mannequin, a few shrines, enchanter, extended the master bedroom, patched the roof, and just more detail here and there. It is fully navmeshed for Followers.

All changes are NOT upgrade dependent, so you get it all right when you are rewarded *cough* and get the key.

Another note this new Breezehome is in its own unique cell, so the original Breezehome stays intact, just not accessible by the door. The door points to this new cell.
So this will NOT interfere with or be effected by other Breezehome mods, and is safe to install / uninstall without effecting the Vanilla Breezehome and possibly messing it up.

Possible bugs:
Replacer will spawn another Lydia.
Lighting bugs where objects are black, or lighting will change at different camera angles.

Visual Mods in use as in screen shots.

We use Sexy Whiterun v3 by horrorview

Also we use FXAA Post Process Injector by some_dude v2.1 Manual Install Option 3
Or it was FXAA Vanilla Enhanced by jellinn v1.1
Although that is unconfirmed because we've tried about 3 different ones, and my only file is my own zip named "My FXAA"

Another one is No Bloom -Fix Eye Adjusting- by PhilBro

Lastly is Colorful Lights - No Shadows - More FPS by TRoaches