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"The Royal Smith of the great King Cat of the province of Elsweyr left the service of his king in order to explore the world. He was curious indeed how, things were happening elsewhere than in Elsweyr. He journeyed across Cyrodiil, he visited Morrowind and he stopped in Skyrim, where he thought he would stop for while and enjoy not working. But as any person would he spent his well-earned money in living comfortably, but when he wanted to go back to Elseweyr again, he found out that he was broke. He decided to join Jarl Balgruuf's legion and work unless a promising adventurer asks him to journey with him."

Krut, the Royal Smith is a basic follower mod that is not, in anyway special except that he is a badass Khajhit. I found that Vanilla Skyrim only had one Khajhit follower, they were being racists giving priority to Nords and Imperials and others. He is equipped with a bow and will be found in the Whiterun Jail, not the basement jail area but where you find a lot of sleeping guards, use "coc WhiterunJail02" if you don't know where it is. He is very easy to be found because he is the only Whiterun Guard who is a Khajhit. There is also a journal detailing a bit more on his background found in his spawn-point. I worked hard on him, so if you have any ideas for improvement, please contact me or leave a comment.

  • Made the follower, and changed race from Orc to Khajhit.
  • Added a journal, named "Krut's Journal" in the cell where you find him.
  • Buffed him up a bit.

AI packages is a headache, he has been set to Default Sandbox 2048, so if you are planning on leaving him, leave him in an indoor cell to avoid troubles.

  • Make him more unique, explore.
  • Add few other NPC's to enhance back-story.
  • Improve a bit on the currently provided journal.

  • Best In Slot for the extremely helpful tutorials.
  • Bethesda Softworks for the game so good.
  • Creation Kit tutorial wiki for some random help.