Dark Weapons and armor _Scythes and more by T M Wrath
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Added: 28/05/2012 - 09:43AM
Updated: 16/06/2012 - 01:37AM

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Last updated at 1:37, 16 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 9:43, 28 May 2012

If you are having any trouble with my mod please tell me by commenting i been having alo of trouble with files some how vanishing from my zip folder
Adds 6 new weapons for now
Wicked Blade dagger has been changed to a sword and is way better and different
my favorite and most amazing the base of the whole mod Reaper a 2 handed Scythe
amd bonereaper another scythe a two handed sword dragonblade its two handed bc i wanted it to feel like it being made out of pure gold i will make the sword more unique in the future like a balanced vaule and damage and so on but right now it is a test
i added a very cool shield
i made a 1 handed version of bonereaper and all reapers can be crafted at a forge
no perk is needed
all weapons and shields are located in the tribute room
all Reaper weapons are the same for now working on making them balanced out

You can Find all weapons in the area behind the hall of the dead in falkreath there will be a skull on top of a pedestal activate it to be teleported to the room if that doesn't work ou can go to it using coc console command "coc tributeroom"
Reaper will now be added straight to inventory upon load of game

In Future Updates:
i will also add a unque armor and a story for reaper and AND MORE SCYTHES!!!!!! but for now i need to make the armour(which right now dont how to)
the models were made using already made (in-game) meshes but chopped up streched shaped and all that goodness
download using NMM (recommended)
to make sure everything is right for the new main file unistal the last version and install the new main file
idea for picture frames came from this mod
i didnt use this mod resource but is still great
( i used a edited mesh from ingame)