Riftwood Bunny Breeders and Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch by Jeir KhajiitRaj and Jet4571
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This mod provides players with two new friendly outposts made to compliment the Golden Egg Hunt, Easter Egg Hunt, and Eternal Bunny Pet mods. These locations include two well furnished houses the player can move into, stables, workbenches, forges, enchanting tables, alchemy tables, tons of storage, four new companions, potential spouses, and a small village north of Heartwood Mill complete with a shop, an inn, stable, and bards for entertainment.

Riftwood Bunny Breeders - Located North West of Riften along the banks of a lazy river you will find the village of Riftwood. Here you can meet Maree and her twin sister Sharee. Each offer vendor services, are potential companions, and potential spouses. There is also a forge, a smelter, a workbench, a cooking spit, enchanting and alchemy tables, as well as stables and player owned space. Outside of Riftwood Hall you will find the origin of the Eternal Bunny Pet. One rogue rabbit recently escaped and is rumored to be traveling the the company of the Dovahkiin. Across the river from Riftwood Bunny Breeders you will discover the small village of Riftwood, complete with an Inn owned by Allian and Catia Varro, an alchemy shop run by two Kahjiit, J'Kara and his wife Tsani, and even a small farm operated by the Snow-Shod family.

Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch - Nestled in the misty peaks east of Markarth you can discover Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch. At the Ranch you will find Toralf and his twin brother Aenar Fire-Eye tending to the chicken ranch and working the forge. They also each offer vendor services, are potential followers, and potential spouses. There is also a forge, a smelter, a workbench, a cooking spit, enchanting and alchemy tables, as well as stables and player owned space. In the basement you will find shelving with 150 cups designed to hold and display the Eggs found through the Golden Egg Treasure Hunt and Easter Egg Hunt mods.

Locations Short description
1. Riftwood and Riftwood Bunny Breeders are north or Heartwood Mill, you can see the Bunny Breeders from the bridge.
2. Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch is at Soljunds Sinkhole. Just look towards the mine when you fast travel in.

NPC Outfits
All of the new NPC's except for the human children use a new default outfit system. this system is designed to be completely random for each install and can be changed at will to a new random outfit using a console command. The outfit generated does not contain armor or fancy clothes and has its limits so dont expect to make them all dressed like a yarl or Cicero..

To change the outfit walk up to the NPC like you are going to talk to them and hit the tilde key to open the console. tilde key looks like this: ~ and is above TAB and left of !/1. when the console is up and you have a cursor, left click on the NPC to select them. you should now have some code in the middle of the screen. Type "resurrect" without quotes and hit enter. If you had the NPC correctly selected there should be a message about bleedoutstate and the body of the NPC should have disappeared. If that worked and those things happened hit the tilde ~~~ key again and the NPC should refresh with a new outfit. Repeat until you like the outfit or get sick of random outfits changing.


Just download and install using the Nexus Mod Manager like normal.

(Please direct NMM errors and download issues to the NMM forums. We did not make NMM and cannot fix what it breaks so we cannot offer support for it.)

Manual Install
Extract the .zip file and place the files into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Be sure the Textures are placed in their proper locations as well (Data/textures/actors/character/facegendata/facetint/RiftWood.esp and Data/textures/actors/rabbit).
Same for the Meshes (Data/meshes/actors/ambient/hare/character assets and Data/meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/Riftwood.esp).

Compliment Mods
Golden Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
Eternal Bunny Pet

Recommended Mods for NPCs
CBBEv3 with Face Pack and Feminine Brows
Better Males with 'YoungerGeonoxFacesWithoutBeard'
Natural Eyes
More Freckles

Version 1.0 -
Cannot rent a room at the Inn.
Navmesh bug where the Fire-Eye Chicken Ranch livestock will be on a rock behind the house upon loading there. (not my fault, blame bethesda!! -JET)
One cupboard in one of the Fire-Eye twins bedrooms is supposed to be a wardrobe. Blame JET for that one.

Version Information
Version 1.0 - Initial release
Version 1.0a - Optional minor update to fix some AI packs and vendors.
Version 1.1 - Updated release. Adds a functioning stable where you can buy a horse. You can now rent a room in the Inn. Adds 6 new and unique horses. Adds 1 hostler to sell one of the horses to you. Sandbox AI packs have allow wander set, the NPC's will do something random when the AI pack kicks in.
Version 1.2 - Updated horse purchase scripts. Player and White horse main and tail fixed. General mod cleanup. Minor AI pack updates. Fixed Navmesh in the Inn where the bar stools are. Changed Catia's voice so she has bard singer and follower with the rent room. Possible see through building fix, needs testing.
Version 1.3 - Update adds 15 paintings, 1 book, and 2 letters. Some minor balancing changes have been done.

Jet4571 - Author/bunny wrangler/Egg Collector/architectural engineer.
Jeir - Contributor/bunny wrangler/Egg Collector/makeup artist/NPC designer.
KahjiitRaj - Editor/bunny wrangler/Egg Collector/Fabergé Egg Designer.
AlienSlof - Horse textures.

Special Thank You's
Aliera Caine - Paintings, help with books and letters.
Caithe - Paintings.
chevenga - Paintings.