Ebony Blade - Enchantable and Upgradable by Issac X
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Added: 28/05/2012 - 01:24AM
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Last updated at 23:21, 3 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 1:24, 28 May 2012

Originally, you can't really do anything with the Ebony Blade when it comes to enchanting and upgrading. I changed all of the skills to the two-handed skill as it should have been. I gave it all the stats of a Daedric greatsword, so it's properly balanced. You can enchant and upgrade it just like any other weapon.

The blade is called "Edged Blade" and I gave it the same exact stats as the Daedric Greatsword, except for a few minor things that don't make an impact on weapon damage or gameplay, such as the sound will be silent when you draw it unlike the Daedric Greatsword which was very loud.

All of the skills affected by the blade are from the two-handed skill tree. I changed all of the settings so that it will resemble a proper greatsword.

Edged Blade Faster Swings?
This version of the greatsword swings faster then the normal greatsword swing speed. I have made it swing at the speed of a one handed weapon. It is still a two handed weapon, just swings at the speed of a one handed weapon. So to reiterate Greatsword normally swings at 0.07 and one handed swing at 1.0 all I did was change the greatsword swing speed from 0.7 to 1.0.

How to get the Edged Blade:
I gave it a steel requirement, this way you don't have to waste extra three perk points just to be able to upgrade the weapon. Go to the forge and it will be under the steel category with the name of "Edged Blade" and will require one steel ingot.

What can you do with the Edged Blade:
Basically, anything you could do with normal weapons. I made it so you can upgrade at the grindstone for only one steel ingot, it and even enchant it.

Copy and paste the EdgedBlade.esp into your Skyrim/Data folder. Don't forget to make sure it is checked in the Data Files.

Delete the EdgedBlade.esp from your Skyrim Data Folder.

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