Lucian Companion from UNDERWORLD by FalmerBane
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-Lucian Companion from UNDERWORLD-

Lucian was a request and since I dont do many male companions I figured I would give it a shot. He is located in Morthal at the Moorside Inn and is available as a calculated level 40 or Auto-Level lycanthrope. He will only change if you use the Tales of Lycanthropy mod or the authors other mod Werewolf Followers. I did the best that I could do to get him to look remotely like his namesake. Vanilla parts and meshes really don't lend themselves to making male characters look like the actor that played Lucian.

Armor: He is wearing Linwe's Armor - Which can be had by console "Help Linwe"
Location: He is located in Morthal at the Moorside Inn
Combat: He uses Dual Flurry and Werewolf abilities (when turned)...
Voice: Nord -it was the best I could come up with

Tales of Lycanthropy - Werewolf Overhaul by Brevi:
Werewolf followers by Brevi

Thanks for checking out my mod and please endorse him if you like him! :)