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Makes most cooked food restore a percentage of your total HP, energy or magicka instead of a fixed value. Also adds a couple of new recipes. This mod is not especially lore-friendly.

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JasBetterFood v0.03

Now with pancakes!

This mod makes food restore a percentage of your total health rather than a fixed value.
I made this because my warrior type character had 600+ hp and since the strongest food restored 20-ish HP, it became kind of pointless.
It also adds some brand new custom food with new meshes!

If you like this mod, endorse it or drop a comment. I am very open to suggestions.

Changes in v0.03
  • Cooked fish is good for your brain, and now restores magicka as well as health
  • Eidar cheese wheel now restores 15% HP as intended, instead of 50% caused by a typo
  • Greatly reduced the script count (still learning papyrus, but properties make things a lot easier)
  • Fixed the collision object for most foods, and set most of them to "don't havok settle" so they won't create issues in world.
  • You can now properly find BAKING chocolate in barrels from time to time, instead of chocolate bars. I really should learn better naming conventions.
  • Added new food: Human Kabob, for the cannibal and/or beast race in all of us
  • Added new "food": Elsweyr Tea (skooma, elves ear), restores magicka and fortifies lockpicking
  • Added new "food": Bosmer Tea (2x elves ear, honey), restores health, stamina, and fortifies marksman
  • Honey will now be sold by innkeepers
  • Added new food: Snowberry Jam Pancakes, restores and fortifies health
  • Innkeepers will now sell chicken's eggs

  • I'd like to make a shack for Dar'Jasi and make him a real NPC with a quest of some sort related to cooking. I'd need some ideas for this though, and hopefully I'll get around to making it once my schedule permits.
  • Request other things you'd like to see in the comments section.

Known issues
  • The HP doesn't seem to update until you UNPAUSE the game. It still gets added though, and will work visibly if used from a hotkey !!

Old changes
Update 0.02
  • Added optional ESP to disable 9Divines ice cream for those who don't strictly non-lore items
  • Baking chocolate can now be found in more barrels but is still kind of rare to find
  • Baking chocolate has been added to innkeepers in small quantities
  • Innkeepers now sell a little more salt
  • Food will no longer show "heals 1hp" in front of them, however, this also means that you won't be able to see your health bar at the bottom right of your inventory when you have a percentage'd food item selected
  • Khajiit traders will now sell a lil more moon sugar, and you can now find moon sugar in barrels and apothecary satchels
  • Added a new recipe: Mammoth Patty
  • The food that requires cheese now uses goat cheese which is more common
  • Goat cheese wheels now weigh 0.5 units, I know it's not as realistic but otherwise it's a bit to impractical to carry around if you find some in a dungeon, and some times function should go before realism.
  • Poked around with the food normals to make them look slightly better. I'm still completely new to normal mapping so don't expect any wonders.

Original description
What does this mod do?
1. This mod makes most cooked food (and some non-cooked) restore a percentage of your health instead of a fixed value. I did this because I had a character with 600+ HP and the best food that restored some 20 HP was kind of pointless.

2. Adds some new recipes with new meshes (yes my character is a khajiit). Some of these pastries will be sold by the khajiit caravans.

3. Adds a silly cook book by the khajiit chef Dar'Jasi, some khajiit caravans will sell this cook book, as well as one laying around in the bannered mare in whiterun, and a couple you might encounter while doing the dark brotherhood quests.

4. Adds a non-lore-friendly rare food item that might drop from dragons, based on a comic by dorkly

5. Makes salt (and some other ingredients) a bit more common from barrels

Full list of NEW types of food:
  • Elsweyr Muffin - Heals 15% and 15% magicka
  • Moon Sugar Swirls - Heals 5% and increases speech by 20 for 5 min
  • Khajiiti Cookie - Heals 15% and makes lockpicking 20% easier for 5 min
  • 9Divines Ice Cream (rare from dragons) - Heals 100% hp and magicka and lowers time between shouts by 20% for 1 hour
  • Horker Pizza - Heals 25% and increases one and two handed damage by 15% for 5 min
  • Cinnamon Roll - Heals 15%
  • Chocolate Bar - Heals 15% and increases stamina regen by 100% for 1 min
  • Baking Chocolate - Found in crates, heals 5% hp and fortifies restoration by 10
  • Human Kabob - Heals 10% HP, increases poison resist by 30% for 30 min. If your character is a human, it might give you a disease
  • Elsweyr Tea - Restores 15% magicka, and makes lockpicking 30% easier for 1 min
  • Bosmer Green Tea - Restores 10% health, and 20% stamina, attacks with bows deal 20% more damage for 5 min
  • Mammoth Patty - Restores 25% hp, blocking absorbs 25% more damage for 1 min
  • Garlic Bread - Restores 15% hp, and increases health and magicka regen by 10% for 10 min
  • Snowberry Jam Pancakes - Restores 25% HP and increases total health by 50 for 20 min