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Open Dragon Priest Masks


Update 1.2

SkyRe users, the moment you've been waiting for (some less patiently than others) is here! Update 1.2 brings SkyRe compatibility patches for all variants, courtesy of the good }{ellKnight, who kindly volunteered his patching services. The files are now up as an all in one BAIN-ready download in the Main Files section for Wrye Bash/Mod Organizer/manual installers, or as separate files in the Optionals section for NMM users.

If you like their work, don't forget to give }{ellKnight and Calyps endorsements/kudos! If you feel like throwing me a kudos too while you're at it, I won't say no either. :D

Any problems with the Khajiit plugins or SkyRe versions, let us know in the comments. We'll get to it.

(Very nebulous) Future Plans: I'm hoping to rationalize the number of download files for this mod; so I'm planning on learning how to make a proper NMM installer-- and perhaps learn a little bit of NifSkope as well. Assuming I can manage the latter, Bandoliers compatibility might be possible sooner rather than later. Don't start holding your breath just yet though.

Update 1.1

Hullo. Luinithil here, and I'll be delivering your latest updates to this mod. *waves*

What's new: ODPM has now been updated in the Creation Kit to work with the latest version of Skyrim (version 1.9.32). Please update your Skyrim install accordingly.

Bug fixes: Cloth only ESPs should now work correctly with the Mage Armor perks. All USKP bugfixes (as of USKP version 1.3.2c) to Dragon Priest masks and their in-game descriptions have been forwarded to this mod, including Morokei's 20% reduction in shout cooldowns.

What does this mean for current users? Relax, you won't need the USKP to run this mod since it's not a master, AND you'll still get the USKP fixes. However it's certainly recommended that you do get and install the Unofficial Patches, since the USKP and the other Unofficial Patches fix more than just problems with Dragon Priest masks...

Khajiit-loving players rejoice! You can now enjoy Khajiit-specific versions of the Clothing only, Heavy Armor only and Light Armor only plugins. Now available under Optional Files.

Replaces the total coverage versions of the masks with open versions. Never wear the dragon priest masks because they are too weird looking or cover your character's face up? This mod offers a variant of the Dragon Priest Helms that doesn't completely cover the face, for those who like to still look like their character when wearing them. Also, the hoods are now craftable, instead of built into the masks. Male and Female versions are up.

I may make more variants in the future.

If you downloaded this anywhere but the Nexus you didn't get the latest supported version.

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Dragonborn users: I've asked Calyps whether he might consider rounding off the set. No firm answers to that yet.

SkyRe users: Coming soon, courtesy of the very kind }{ellKnight! He is currently working on a new set of patches to make this mod compatible with SkyRe. They patches should be up in a few days.

Bandoliers users: I've seen your requests for a change in the slot used for this mod. I've brought your requests to Calyps' attention: however, changing the slots will require working on the meshes. I'm no good at messing with meshes or textures, which means that Calyps will need to find time to work on it in Nifskope-- time he can't really spare at the moment due to his other ongoing projects. If anyone who knows how to use NifSkope is around and willing to tackle the project, let me know.

To install, drop \data\ folder into your <>\Skyrim directory and activate the .esp in data files, or use your mod manager. If you're looking for a mod manager, you can try: Mod Organizer, Wrye Bash, or of course, NMM.