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Dragten's Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches at The Blacksmiths' Guild

*****Eliminates crafting menu clutter by placing items into their own exclusive forge*****

*****This mod is a crafting .esp only and contains no bandolier, bag or pouch meshes/textures!!!!*****

How does it work?

1) Download/Install/NMM Blacksmiths' Guild core mod

2) Download/Install/NMM Bandolier - Bags and Pouches

3) De-activate/Uncheck Dr_Bandolier.esp
Do this before downloading my Dr_Bandolier.esp to avoid a clash of the two files . . .
this step will:
- keep Dragten's meshes/textures 'in the background'
- eliminate the current stats on the bandoliers etc.

4) Download/Install/NMM the Dr_Bandolier file from this page here . . . the one you're on now . . .

5) Confirm my Dr_Bandolier.esp is Activated/Checked
this step will:
- allow my .esp to access Dragten's meshes/textures
- add Dragten's Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches to Dragten's Master Forge at the Blacksmiths' Guild
- distribute Dragten's Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches across two crafting perks
--- No Perk = all the box pouches and the dark leather
--- Steel Perk = Assorted Buckles and all the rest of the Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches
- add a light sprinkling of Dragten's Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches to various 'Treasure Chest' levelled lists


1) All Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches are crafted under the 'Leather Category' at Dragten's Master Forge
2) All of the Box Pouches can be crafted with 'No Perk'
3) All other Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches require 'Assorted (steel) Buckles' and, therefore, the 'Steel Perk'
--- You need 1 'Steel Ingot' to make 2 'Assorted (steel) Buckles'
4) 'Dark Leather' is now made at 'Dragten' Leather Dyeing Pot' right beside Dragten's Forge
--- there is Tanning Rack on the other side of Dragten's Forge for crafting vanilla leather to go into the Dye Pot -added convenience!!!
5) Items have been re-labelled, by position of equipping on the body, to ease sorting
--- Bandoliers are 'Bandoliers' (obviously!)
--- L/B - left, back position
--- L/F - left, front position
--- L/S - left, side position
--- R/B - right, back position
--- R/F - right, front position
--- R/S - right, side position
------ you can only equip one item in each position . . .
6) Carryweight enchantments have been reduced to better represent 'bag size' and to balance with The Witcher Sword Belt/Bandoliers (20 carryweight) and the Sabre Gear Back Packs (50 and 100 carryweight)
--- Old 100 - now 30
--- Old 75 - now 25
--- Old 50 - now 18
--- Old 25 - now 8
7) All Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches now weigh between 1 and 4 Skyrim units
8) All Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches now add between 1 and 4 Light Armor (Leather) Damage Protection points



Dragten is the owner of the intellectual property/assets presented here - I only adjusted the 'craftability.' Feel free to open up my .esp and play with it; but, give me some credit if you then re-upload anything.

Check with Dragten about the meshes/textures.



Dragten - it's really Dragten's stuff, man!

Dragten - thanks for the 'okay' to mess with your stuff . . .