All in One Face for Dawnguard Vampire and Vanilla Races - UNP - CBBEv3 - Vanilla by r3320ca
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(4:28) All In One Face ( a MUST! download) by insane0hflex
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v4.0a available now for CBBEv3 and UNP users. In this mod is: New Face texture, New Speckle file, New .MSN files, and New .SK files. All custom to only work with "All in One Face" skin texture. Each pixel is lined up with each other on all 4 files that makeup the total face. So when they lay over top of each other in layers they create a perfect skin texture like no other. Thanks for your support and downloading.
(v4.0a Female FacePack)
v4.0a is without doubt, a riveting eye popping, jaw dropping, mouth watering, dog chewing, heart stopping, brain bleeding experience that will leave you gasping for air as the rest of your body goes into total Armageddon meltdown. After such event I only hope your still alive enough to read the rest of what I'm about to say. ;)
v4.0a has been most definitely a work in progress from v1.0a, v2.0a and v3.0 and now finally with no more room for further improvement, v4.0a is the last and final version for All in One Face. With no less then 500 hours put into this project, I think I will need to draw the line here and only hope that you the user can carry this project to the next level, through exposure. Like posting "A.I.O.F." images on forums and creating videos to be shared publicly, starting discussion topics and using Facebook channels to link this mod. Thank you all for your time and effort thus far, for contributing your 2 cents to make "All in One Face" what it is today. So thank you.

I would like to Extend my thanks to the many followers that have rooted me on in this project for perfection and would like to say this mod is for you guys/gals. If not for you, I may have stopped at v3.0 and left it there, but with your encouragement I found the will to really push the envelope and release a female model/texture replacement that would win the hearts of everyone on Skyrim Nexus. So my only wish is that you enjoy this mod and spread the word, post the posters on threads and above all enjoy playing your game Skyrim. Thanks to you all have a good one.

The "Naturally Blissful, Youthful Skin" v3.0
I have to admit this update was alot tougher then organally thought and took probably no less then 200 hours for absolute perfection in skin definition and modeling. Also updated the lipstick to be higher definition and give best possible definition to the lips. I have to say if your not impressed with this u might need hospitalization and quickly, just kidding of course. please Endorse if u like and please send screenshots to me, or a youtube video link.

(v1.0a Human Race)
Recent Update now available for download "All in One Face v2.X" includes a slightly modified version of the Original face map found in v1.0a. I understand it might look a little older, some of you might like this and some may not. for those of you that cant let go of the young and youthful look install v1.0a after u have installed v2.X and u will have your ever young face back and beautiful faces for every other race.

(v2.X Elven Race)
For those of you that Love the Elves look no further then All in One Face v2.X with a Custom face map to fit the Elves Spot on. Hope you enjoy let me know if there is anything else u would like to see come out in an update.

Take your character appearance to the Next level.

Three of the best face mods Come together to Create "All in One Face" for Epic Beauty for your
high resolution DIMONIZED UNP and CBBEv3 body.

Each author has contributed something Unique to there own mod independently that made it beautiful and most deserving but I wanted all these great features at the same time. So after some Mad skill and a great deal of work and time I was able to capture all these unique features in one face map with a level of detail that even surprised me.

This project was by far not easy and took many hours of meticulous tinkering at the same time trying to preserve these Unique features so not to loose them to the many changes that took place in creating "All in One Face" after i was finished i loved it so much i thought others here on Skyrim Nexus would also appreciate this Mod.

"All in One Face" is created from Envision face by DD AKT, Beauty Faces by NecKros and UNP Faces by Basvanbeu.

Very High quality Female Face map with new High resolution Msn and Speckles file.
Each graphic file is 5.33 MB in size to give you the best possible image with no grey face issues.

If you have a talent for featuring this mod in a video i'd be interested in linking it to this profile.

(4:28) All In One Face ( a MUST! download) by insane0hflex

Q: I am getting neck seam-line issues with my Dawnguard texture replacer

A: For people using Dawnguard DLC, All in One Face for Dawnguard face replacement only...
You have to use the appropriate Dawnguard face for the body your using.. if you see that your dawnguard vampire body does not look like your CBBEv3 body or the Dimonized UNP body and its looking whitish color then it is the vanilla body and will need to be fitted with the Dawnguard AIOF for Vanilla body.... you can see from the Pictures taken up top that the bottom of the dawnguard facemap is unchanged so there would be no seam -- second the unp and cbbev3 of dawnguard use same neck as v4.0a and this does not have seam...

Solution to problem is try using the Dawnguard for Vanilla version of AIOF and see if this helps -- if not there are 2 extra Custom files not loaded but are included for advanced players is a SK file and a Speckle file these 2 files can be renamed inside your female directory to the standard femalehead names..

Rename from: To:
Rename from: To:

this may help or may not but for sure will increase your dawnguard texture definition in appearance....

Q: Can I use this with XCE/Coverwomen/etc?
A: If you install XCE, then Coverwomen, then AIOF, it will work (or just Coverwomen, then AIOF. I recommend not using XCE). However, please note that only some components from XCE and Coverwomen will remain. Also, there will be a neck seam when using the XCE body texture. Remember, this mod is designed for CBBE or UNP. XCE will have many issues when used with this mod. Also, remember to install UNP or CBBEv3 before any of these mods!

More content to be added soon...

v1.0 "All in One Face" for UNP body and CBBEv3 body missing file femalehead_sk and was slightly discolored when added.
v1.0a Corrected discoloring and added femalehead_sk file to "All in One Face for UNP body"
v1.0a Corrected discoloring and added femalehead_sk file to "All in One Face for CBBEv3 body"

I Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thanks
Just download v3_0 with NMM and delete previous v1.0 and activate new version 3.0 (3_0)
Manual: Just extract 7zip file to root directory and merge and overwrite.

"All in One Face v2.x" Face Pack
(femalehead, femalehead_msn x 7, femaleheadorc_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femaleheadnord_lips, femaleheadbreton_lips, femaleheadhighelf_lips, femaleheadimperial_lips, femaleheadredguard_lips)
"All in One Face v3.0" Face Pack
(femalehead, femalehead_msn x 7, femaleheadorc_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femaleheadnord_lips, femaleheadbreton_lips, femaleheadhighelf_lips, femaleheadimperial_lips, femaleheadredguard_lips)
"All in One Face v1.0a" Female face texture replacement.
(femalehead, femalehead_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femaleheadnord_lips)

(v1.0 to 3.0)
Automatic: Install using NMM (Nexus mod manager) or Manual directions below.
Patching v2.Xx: Install using NMM (nexus mod manager). Install Optional file v1.0a and click "No" when prompted to update from 2.Xx to 1.0a
Manual: Un7zip file to Skyrim Root folder, merge and overwrite when prompted

Use Manager or Manual directions below
v2.Xx Remove: femalehead, femalehead_msn x 7, femaleheadorc_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femalebody_1_sk, femalehands_1_sk, femaleheadnord_lips, femaleheadbreton_lips, femaleheadhighelf_lips, femaleheadimperial_lips, femaleheadredguard_lips.

v3.0 Remove: femalehead, femalehead_msn x 7, femaleheadorc_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femaleheadnord_lips, femaleheadbreton_lips, femaleheadhighelf_lips, femaleheadimperial_lips, femaleheadredguard_lips.

v1.0a Remove: femalehead, femalehead_msn, femalehead_s, femalehead_sk, femaleheadnord_lips
Files Found in \Data\Textures\actors\character\female
also: \Data\Textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks

For no neck seam issues download (DIMONIZED UNP female body) for Supreme Quality
or (Caliente's CBBEv3 Body) for Specified version of "All in One Face". UNP or CBBEv3.

Only install one of the following mods depending on the version of "All in One Face" you downloaded or have installed. Visit either user page for details.
UNP body & Texture visit: UNP body with texture download page link
UNP Fitness Body is Optional, requires UNP Body texture from above link.
Visit: UNP Fitness Body download page link
CBBEv3 body visit: CBBEv3 Body download page link

I would like to offer my thanks to DD AKT, Basvanbeu, necKros, for their work in creating curtain features that made this All in One Face possible.