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Added: 26/05/2012 - 12:53PM
Updated: 01/07/2012 - 09:26PM

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Last updated at 21:26, 1 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 12:53, 26 May 2012

This alters the artifacts in the game so that you don't stick them in a box somewhere so they can gather dust.

The weapons and armor have had their base values increased slightly higher than Daedric. The enchantments have also been improved (in my opinion, at least).

If you see an item without an enchantment that it has and I don't mention it, that enchantment remains unchanged.


UPDATE 0.4: Added +25% Magic Resistance to the Necromancer's Amulet, made sure it displayed the proper enchantment, and Wuuthrad is now temperable with ebony ingots.


UPDATE 0.3: All the artifacts should now display their new enchantments instead of the old ones. I have also uploaded an alternate version which switches the unhooded Archmage's Robes model with the Master Robes model, for those who don't like the look of the original, though you will have to add them with the console, type player.additem 0007c932 1 to get them.


UPDATE 0.2: I have tentatively updated the Skull of Corruption's enchantment, the Nightingale Blade's enchantment should now be displaying correctly no matter which level version you got, and you should now be able to improve all the artifacts at the grindstone and workbench.



Damage: 16 (from 12)
-Fire Damage, 30 pts (from 10)

Ebony Blade

Damage: 28 (from 11)
Reach: 1.3 (from 1.0)


Damage: 13 (from 8)
Speed: 1.6 (from 1.3)
-Absorb Health, 25 pts for 1 sec (from 10)
-Absorb Magicka, 25 pts for 1 sec (ditto)
-Absorb Stamina, 25 pts for 1 sec (ditto)

Mace of Molag Bal

Damage: 18 (from 16)
-Absorb Magicka, 25 pts for 1 sec (from Magicka Damage, 10)
-Absorb Stamina, 25 pts for 1 sec (from Stamina Damage, 10)

Mehrunes' Razor

Damage: 13 (from 11)

Nightingale Blade

Damage: 16 (from 14)
-Slow, 50 pts for 3 secs (added with this mod)

Sanguine Rose

-Summons a Dremora for 120 seconds (from 60 seconds)

Skull of Corruption (Version 0.2)

-Waking Nightmare, 90 pts in 15 ft (from 40 pts)
-Psychic Agony, 45 pts (from 15 pts)

Staff of Magnus

-Absorb Health, 50 pts for 1 sec (from 25, and now absorbs at the same time as magicka)
-Absorb Magicka, 50 pts for 1 sec (from 25)


Damage: 31 (from 25)
-Paralysis, 3 secs

Archmage's Robe

-Fortify Alteration, 25 pts (from 15)
-Fortify Conjuration, 25 pts (ditto)
-Fortify Destruction, 25 pts (ditto)
-Fortify Restoration, 25 pts (ditto)
-Fortify Illusion, 25 pts (ditto)
-Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts (from 100
-Fortify Magicka, 100 pts (from 50, now both hooded and non-hooded)

Ebony Mail - Ebony

Rating: 60 (from 45)
-Resist Fire 75%
-Resist Magicka 25%

The Gauldur Amulet

-Fortify Health, 100 pts (from 30)
-Fortify Magicka, 100 pts (ditto)
-Fortify Stamina, 100 pts (ditto)

Masque of Clavicus Vile

Rating: 25 (from 23?)
-Fortify Barter, 30 pts (from 20)
-Regenerate Magicka, 25% faster (from 5)

Necromancer's Amulet

-Fortify Conjuration, 25 pts
-Fortify Magicka, 150 pts (from 50)
-Resist Magic, 25 pts (Verison 0.4)
-Damage Health Regeneration, 75 pts
-Damage Stamina Regeneration, 75 pts

Savior's Hide

Rating: 54 (from 26)
-Resist Magic, 50 pts (from 15)
(Removed Resist Poison)

Shield of Ysgramor

Rating: 46 (from 30)
-Fortify Health, 50 pts (from 20)
-Resist Magic, 25 pts (from 20)


Rating: 46 (from 38)
-Resist Magic, 25 pts (added with this mod)
-Ward - Deflection, 100 pts (from 50)

Note: I haven't fully playtested this so there maybe some bugs.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating an awesome series of games.
To Goth79 whose Legendary Artifacts mod inspired me to create this one (