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Do you feel empty then you complete final quest of the thiefsguild?
Ok you gave skeleton key, complete the quest and what next you have?
That little room with elder Ebonmere portal and with no ability to go in ...? (wtf?)

so i create some plane of Nocturnal, so now you CAN pass the portal to Ebonmere
and i want to share i

Permissions and credits
Version : 1.8
Date : 18.02.19
Category : Location -interier-Armor-weapons-companion.
Author(s) : DanteZaf

Dark Blue
As i say earlier, this is expanded game world and let Dovakhin ability to go in the portal of Ebonmere.

This mini world will be aviable only then main thieft giuld quest is complete, yeap - skeleton key to Nocturnal..

BUT this is not just "door entrance-location" mods.
I try reconstruct hard way to go in.
Somekind of trials.

So in first after you go to portal, player fall in the "lake of tears" (in LORE desc)
Dont be afraid, and wait after books is emmegre. (or not)
Entrance is in underwater deep of this lake you must swim.
And only then you can enter the area. (with underwater again) (LOR things you know)

In Twilight Sepulsher Nocturnal cave after the main mission, 3 gate in front of Ebonmere portal.

Manual Installation:
1. Extract the files from the archive to Skyrim/data dir.


-some little improvements

This mod required (OR CTD! )

-Skyrim.esm (HI cap!)