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08/09/2012 Update Notes:
Version 1a and 2a fixes the issue where Svaknir's song spells would cause the player's follower to become hostile towards him. If there are continued reports that the fix didn't work, please let me know. Version 1a has a 24 hour recast timer, version 2a doesn't.

****SPOILERS (DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED THE BARD'S COLLEGE OF SOLITUDE QUESTLINE)*** To summon the ethereal bard Svaknir defeat his eternal rival Olaf One-Eye in Dead Man's Respite, and visit the word wall behind the tomb. There you can find Svaknir's Composition. Use the composition to learn the summon ability. ****END SPOILERS****

To find Svaknir's Composition, begin the Bard's College of Solitude questline. For further detail in finding the note, read the spoilers above at your own risk if you haven't started the Bard's questline. This ability provides an additional incentive to join the Bard's College. Svaknir is a master bard that can manipulate the mind of his foes through his music, while providing support abilities to the player and his allies.

Version 1 of the file has a 24 hour ingame recast timer.

Version 2 removes the 24 hour ingame recast timer, and allows the player to summon Svaknir anytime.

Svaknir is equipped with the following abilities:

1. Melody of Rebellion - A song that instills rebellious thoughts to foes and provides a chance for the foe to fight on the side of the player. Song also adds a magicka regen buff to the player when entering the field of the song and fortifies magicka defense.
2. Drums of Nirn - A song that ignites the anger of the foes causing them to go into a fit of rage. Song also provides a stamina buff to the player when entering the field of the song and fortifies weapon attack speed.
3: Rifts of Life - A song that makes foes to question the meaning of life instigating fear of their own mortality. Song also heals the player when entering the field of the song and fortifies defense.
4: Performer's Aura - An aura using Svaknir's performers spirit and can stagger a foe if attempting to attack him while performing his songs.
5: Increased health, magicka, and stamina stats.
6: Lightfoot perk to avoid triggering traps
7: Actor does not affect stealth meter.
8: Customized Combat Style that focuses on supporting the player to battle his/her foes, and will initiate melee combat only when opponents get too close.
9: Upon getting the ability, Svaknir will be the same level as the player and will level up to 81 as the player progresses.

Notes: Svaknir is a support summon that utilizes status effect songs to assist the player. If left alone, Svaknir can only use his songs to deter the opponents, but will ultimately fall if does not receive assistance from the player. His stagger aura only has a chance of staggering his attacker. Archers can take him down quickly if Svaknir cannot muster enough magicka to cast his song. Proper use of this summon is for supporting purposes, and can make the player and his allies a nearly invincible team if the player pays attention to the song fields that Svaknir uses.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the file. It shouldn't cause any problems with any other mod. No additional mods are necessary to run the file.