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Added: 25/05/2012 - 11:58PM
Updated: 12/01/2013 - 02:36PM

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Last updated at 14:36, 12 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 23:58, 25 May 2012

Improved Followers and NPCs
For those of you seeking a little more immersion without drastically changing the vanilla experience, this is the mod for you..

Over eighty NPC's have received modifications to height, weight, hairstyle and occasionally
facial features to add variety. I also made some improvements to select followers.
For example, why did the female housecarls look so similar and have the exact same height as
the player and each other? Faendal is a wood elf archer dating a young lady, yet he looked
like he's 50, he had a steel dagger instead of an elven one and he wasn't a very good archer.

More Hair Colors - Updated
Apachii male and female hair packs (extra plugins)

Unfortunately, it's not compatible with Ultimate Follower Overhaul.


Female Housecarls plus Aela and Jenassa

Female housecarls set to Essential.

Skills improved modestly. (No more needing to use console commands to beef them up!)

Varied height and head features to make them more distinguishable.

Replaced default clothing so you can get them to wear whatever armor you like, plus it frees
up some of their carry capacity.

Appropriate followers given female animations instead of the male ones.

Movement speed increased so they can keep up.

Vanilla Jordis is a 1-handed fighter though her 2-handed skill is higher. Improved Jordis is
a 2-handed fighter and she starts with a steel greatsword instead of a 1-handed sword.

The following perks have been added:

Stealth 1
Armsman 1 and 2
Bladesman 1
Fighting Stance

Stealth 1
Armsman 1 and 2
Fighting Stance
Hack and Slash 1

Stealth 1
Barbarian 1
Champions Stance
Deep Wounds 1

Stealth 1

Armsman 1 and 2
Fighting Stance
OverDraw 1

Faendal is now more lore-friendly. He has younger complexion, and his default weapons
have been replaced with Elven weapons. (The same goes for Jenassa.) He has also been given
the following perks:
Stealth 1
Overdraw 1 and 2
Critical Shot 1

Cleaned up the esp and made some tweaks.
Updated parent masters.

I'm always open to suggestions. If you like it, please endorse.

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