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This is a Nexus Exclusive. This mod ports the popular Oblivion mod Daedric Lord Armor by McMuffin to Skyrim.

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Name: Daedric Lord Armor Port by Natterforme
Version: 1.20
Date: 3/20/2013
Category: Weapons and Armor
Recommended: Skyrim Mod Manager
Author(s): Natterforme

This is a Nexus Exclusive. This mod ports the popular Oblivion mod Daedric Lord Armor by McMuffin to Skyrim.
All pieces of the set can be crafted at the crafting forge and can be tempered at the proper upgrading areas. The armor is stand alone and will not replace any vanilla armors.


This mod is a port of a popular Oblivion mod by the same name, the Daedric Lord Armor. The original mod was created by McMuffin. He has generously allowed me to port this armor to Skyrim. The main changes that have been made to this armor have been body morphing to get the armor to fit on the Skyrim body. The only body type that will be available at this time will be the default vanilla body. CBBE and UNP are NOT currently supported body types and will probably look funny when wearing these armor pieces with that body. I will not be supporting sexy or skimpy alterations to this mod at this time. The Nexus has plenty of those mods available and you are free to use them. They are prefectly fine but they just are not for me and I will not be making a version to support those body types. Please do not bash the comments section with +Skimpy/+Lore-friendly mods vs. -Skimpy/-Lore-friendly mods as I will not openly support either opinion and will not encourage negativity. Troll elsewhere.

This mod addes a Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, two seperate masks, and two swords to the game. Everything can be crafted at any forge and have stats that are slightly better than normal Daedric armor, at the expense of higher crafting costs.

The Masks are labeled as they were in Morrowind, the Face of Inspiration and the Face of Terror. The swords are a Daedric Nodachi, provided in the original mod, and a Daedric Katana, which is the same model but provides different stats from the Nodachi. Its size is also different. Both swords are only available as one handed weapons at this time because when I tried to make them two handed I got big problems that I could not immediately fix. Every piece of equipement comes with its own ground model, so you will be able to distinguish it from other items.

Either throw the folders into your Data directory or use the Nexus Mod Manager to do it for you.

Either use Nexus Mod Manager to remove the files or manually remove them from you Skyrim/Data folder.

I plan to upgrade and improve this mod over time as I fix bugs, think of new ideas, become more adapted to the CK, and so on. Be sure to check back in once and awhile for updates. Be sure to completely uninstall any previous versions of this mod before upgrading though.

I will not take responsibility for corrupted save games or lost save games. Get into the habit of backing up your saves to protect your game data. Ignore at your own risk!

This mod should not be incompatable with any other mods to my knowledge. However it is always a possibility so please let me know about it if you experience a conflict.

Known Issues or Bugs

There are no known issues at this time

3/201/2013-Version 1.20
-Fixed the issue where the Daedric Nodachi was way too large. I have removed the optional files from the main files list though they will still be available in the archive if you need them.

7/21/2012-Version 1.15
-Fixed an issue so that both maskes can be properly upgraded.
-Mask01 and Mask02 have been renamed to Face of Inspiration and Face of Terror respectively. These were their original names back in Morrowind so they have been changed accordingly to fit lore and for consistancy.
-Cubemaps have been added to all meshes to give them the slick oil look seen on vanilla Daedric armor.
-Ground models have been reoriented to sit properly on the axis for better viewing of those items in the inventory.
-Working Glow Maps on all items! You armor will now glow in the dark!
-The textures have been altered to be darker and more saturated than in previous versions. Textures have been increased in size to give the illusion of a higher resolution texture.
-Changed the speed of the Daedric Katana to 1.5 as opposed to 2.0 and increased its weight.
-Eliminated the problem caused by Steam breaking the esp file with an unnecessary update(causing version 1.05 and 1.1 to not properly show the armor on the body, make everyone think you were not wearing clothes, and giving no armor rating) by reverting back to version 1.0 to implement changes made above.

6/14/2012- Version 1.1


-Fixed an issue so that the Daedric Mask: Face of Terror can be tempored like the other pieces.

6/14/2012- Version 1.05


-Masks have been renamed to their proper names, as they were in Morrowind.
-Fixed an issue so that the Daedric Mask: Face of Terror can be tempored like the other pieces.

5/25/2012- Version 1.0 Initial Release

You can find me on the Nexus Forums here as Natterforme.

Thank you to McMuffin, for allowing me to port this mod to Skyrim and providing me additional resources to improve it as well!

Original Credits from the Oblivion mod. Share the love! :

-texture resources:

The artists at Bethesda Softworks

Dremora King

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me and have supported me since I first put up screenshots of my work back in December 2011 and January 2012.
I thank you all for your patience with me^^.
Thanks to God for creating us all. Amen.

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Paint.NET -
Photoshop -
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This is a Skyrim Nexus Exclusive.

You MUST contact me before you do anything with this mod in any form for any reason. This includes language translations. I will NOT be providing Steam Workshop support at this time. Neither I nor McMuffin wish to see this mod on the Steam Workshop for the foreseable future.

I do not feel comfortable with their legal policies towards modding so I will not use it. I will not support or endorse its use at this time. If I want it to be on Steam, I will do so myself. If you see this on Steam, LET ME KNOW! I will not support any version of this mod found on Steam. I will not accept any childish excuse about "sharing" with the community. If you refuse to respect my wishes, I can not, in good faith, respect yours.