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You've probably heard guards talking about how there haven't been any good bandit raids lately right?

This mod will periodically spawn bandits around each of the five major cities of Skyrim! Each city gets a different variety of bandit attackers. Complete with loot and varying degrees of difficulty.

Just a note!
I was finished working on this mod for a loooong time... However, I really wasn't happy with it so now I'm gonna be trying to implement a few things I really want to see. Such as the ability for the player to control variables like the numbers of raiders and guards, things of that nature. It'll just take me a while to learn how to do that sort of thing.

Whiterun - 26 bandits - 6 bosses (2H), 6 berserkers & 14 regular raiders. These guys are the easiest of the four.

Windhelm - 21 bandits - 4 bosses (dual wielding), 6 sentries, 1 Commander & 10 regular raiders. Overall stronger than the Whiterun bandits.

Markarth - 29 bandits - 3 bosses (2H tanky), 10 mages & 16 regular raiders. Again these bandits are stronger than the ones in Windhelm.

Riften - 24 bandits - 2 vanguards, 6 battlemages & 16 thiefs. These raiders are probably the craziest of the five, they can be pretty scary to battle. Heavy destruction magic damage.

Solitude - 30 - 6 bosses (dual wielding), 8 mages & 16 regular raiders. These raiders are the best geared and scale to be the highest leveled of the rest, very hard.

Just as a note and a general common sense thing - don't install this if you don't want townspeople potentially dying. All the raiders are set to be non-aggressive towards the townspeople. Sometimes they do get involved though. But don't worry, quest givers in each city are essential so the only people who might meet an untimely end would be those who are just there doing their own thing. It is just the nature of the mod.

Regarding bandit / guard respawns
Bandits as well as guards respawn at the same time. Which is every 30 in game days! If you wanna speed that up you can use the "set timescale to x" console command, "x" being a number (default is 20). Doing that you can speed up time a lot and pass a month in a few seconds, just don't crank it up TOO much. Also you can't be in the same cell they spawn in or it won't work.

Revision 6 changes
- All bandits should scale better with the player and be a lot less overpowering. Especially for low level characters...

- Guards are a lot beefier

- Some equipment, stats and loot has been adjusted

- All bandits looks are now randomized and don't all just have the same face... (only a few of them will hopefully, pray to RNG)

- Bandits no longer wear the guard helms. (what was I thinking?)

- Just in case you can't get into Whiterun traditionally I've added the "useful looking barrel" near the gate that holds a gate key... Just in case.

- I did some kinda sorta optimization, it may or may not make the mod run a bit better.

I just wanted to put out a new revision because Revision 5 felt really sloppy to me. Just consider this one tightening up a lot of maybe not so apparent things. That being said it should be a bit more enjoyable all around.