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Decorate your home and organize your cluttered inventory.

With Storage Helpers you can:

    • move, rotate, resize, and even rename almost any object in the game;

    • craft pouches, chests, sacks, barrels to place anywhere you want them;

    • turn bandoliers, pouches, and backpacks into real wearable containers;

    • put multiple items into a container with a single click and even store quest items.

    • get quick access to teammate and saddlebag inventories

What's New

    Version 2.5
        • Container and furniture crafting is no longer done at a forge or anvil.
        • More documentation in the MCM pages with a new "How Do I?" notes section.
    Version 2.4
        • Books added to shelves now stay in place (instead of flying across the room)

    Version 2.3
        • Changing load orders will no longer break the links to named storage

    Version 2.2
        • MCM option to choose which types of soul gems are automatically transferred
        • Saddlebags for your horse (capacity set in MCM)
        • Quick access to the saddlebags and teammate inventories
          (Use Place key on a teammate or horse.)

    Version 2.0
        • SkyUI and SKSE version 1.7.2 are now required.
        • Wearable containers can now also be opened while dropped.
        • Craft display shelves for storing your books and other items.
        • MCM support for setting options, mapping keys, and getting help.
        • Rename or move almost any item that can be selected in the console.
        • Option to block the world interaction events triggered by dropping items.
        • Picking up a dropped wearable container now requires holding Shift.
        • Shift is now also used to convert clothing items into wearable containers.
        • Quest items can only be stored in wearable and named storage containers.

Quick-Start Guide:

    • Press Esc to open the system menu, choose Mod Config, then Storage Helpers. The options, keymaps, and notes are there.

What if you don't have SKSE?

    • Use the older 1.6 version of the mod and see its readme for details. (All of the new features require SKSE.)