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Jasmina Gallacia -Imperial Spell Sword-

Jasmina Gallacia is the product of a marriage between Imperial Legate Gallacus of Chorrol and a Redguard mystic noblewoman named Samara of the House of Saak'r in Elinhir. She was raised as an Imperial in Cyrodiil by her parents and taught the practices of warfare at an early age by her loving father. She also received training in the art of destruction, conjuration and restoration magic from her mother, making her a force to be reckoned with.
Jasmina had joined the Imperial Legion at the age of 19 were she was in training to follow in her fathers footsteps. While Tribuni Jasmina was in training she refused amorous advances from one of her fellow cadets. Feeling that his honor was at stake he challenged her to a dual with Gladius swords and she subsequently killed the young man. Unfortunately for Jasmina he happened to be a favored nephew of General Tullius... Luckily because of a long term friendship with Jasmina's father General Tullius spared her life but in turn she was forced to resign from Imperial service. Jasmina now wanders Tamriel in search of adventure and fortune. Still a true servant to the emperor, she waits for a chance to redeem herself to the empire and her father.

My Jasmina mod is basically an attempt at making a companion for someone that wants to go towards the Imperial side in Skyrim's civil war. I also wanted to see if I could make another attractive Redguard but ended up making her bi-racial due to difficulties I had in the female Redguard facial structure vanilla uses (I was lucky with my Saadia mod). She is set to essential in calculated version and is marriageable. She is located in the Ragged Flagon and might be an excellent choice for a newer player that wants a companion on the Blades quest-line. I am also uploading an auto-level version for those of you that prefer that option.

Required Files;
ApachiiSkyHair 1.2

Optional Files: To make her look like she does in my images

I used Bella's Better Females, Makeup variant 1 and No Shine (some pics) on her in combination with pretty lips by Danariel
Darker Feminine Brows by Caliente (CBBE)
Pretty Lips by Danariel

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 with Navetseas body Muscle V2 textures. (She can be used with whatever body you prefer) (GlossTech V5 "No Shine" used in some pics)

She is wearing a mashup I created of Mak's Remodeled CBBE Armor and sandal boots from Gatti's Branwen Armor, Roman armor and weapons for Imperial legions by Jedo Dre and CBBEv3 Imperial Armor non-replacer by Cecil101. This was done by using the console to add the various armor pieces to her inventory. Type in console: help arms, pauldron, belt, bikini etc... (She will appear nude in your game!)

Thanks for checking out my mod and please endorse her if you like her! :)