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The quest starts in the room were you get your bindings off in the beginning of the game. You will see a journal read it it will tell you some stuff that will be added in future versions. Along with a hint of where the first part is. For each set you must work your way up starting with weaker sets and finally getting the god set. There is a set for each type of mage destruction illusion etc. as well as different types of warriors and thieves.Also one universal set for the mage warrior and thief. Then if and when you get to the final set there will be multiple bosses to fight to get to the ultimate set one that has everything the god sets of the individual sets have all in one it will be named the titan set. There will be a boss protecting each chest.As you get farther in each set the bosses will get tougher. Along with the bosses are clues to the whereabouts of the next chest. Sometimes riddles that you will have to solve.

I am putting this mod up now because i am open to suggestions and improvements just tell me in the comments. Hope you guys enjoy and there will be much more to it in the future but try now because you might have something to do with the end product if you give me suggestions.So please comment with ideas or mistakes that i have made. And I'd love to know what you guys think of it.

I plan to have the final product done sometime in August. the reason i haven't uploaded newer versions is because i'm working on the actual quest and dialouge.