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Uploaded by kooper616


Last updated at 8:21, 24 May 2012 Uploaded at 23:49, 23 May 2012

First im not that good speaking or writing in english so go easy on me


This mod add to your game a companion named "Ragnar The Red" (he can be found in riverwood inn, he comes with a the ancient nord set without the helm and some nord hero weapons and arrows).
An he is going to show everyone he wasn´t boasting and liying

Update (?) and some more info
well i upload a new file with a lot of .esp to avoid the high level problem with the mod choose only one plus the .bsa file
the .esp are
ragnar 10 - 81
ragnar 20 - 81
ragnar 30 - 81
ragnar 40 - 81
ragnar 50 - 81
ragnar 60 - 81
ragnar max level (if you pas out lv 60 he is only going to increase his amount of Health and stamina)


Shield wall 80
elemental proteccion
power bash
block runner
bladesman 90
savage strike
juggernaut 80
well fited
over draw 80
critical shot 90
armsman 60
bone breaker 90
hack and slash 90
dual flurry 50
dual savagery
barbarian 80
devasting blow
deep wounds 90
limb splitter 90
skull crusher 90

and thats why i recomend using him on master dificullty looks like a lot of perks but he can only wield one weapon at the time (not incluiding dual wield)
and as a nord hero he also can shout: unrelenting force and marked for death (try to not be in his way)

also i reccomend using The UFO ( really awesome mod


if you are above any minimal level by the moment you install this mod, ragnar isn´t going to work he will level up but their skill will no increase (this is an issue that i cannot solve or maybe i can) SOLVED


if your are level 15 you need to use the 20 - 81 esp if you use the 10 - 81 ragnar isn´t going to work properly


since im a new to all this things of modding i will try to make him a quest where you will go and kill that damn bard who create the song

Enjoy it :)