Summon Alikr Warrior - Kematu by zeroternalz
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8/11/2012 Revision Notes:

Versions 1a and 2a fixes the damage output of the summon. His original version killed everything way too fast and could two to three hit kill an ancient dragon. This version fixes that issue. Also fixed the properties of his poison hits. His poison will only effect enemies that bleed (draugr and atronachs included). The poison will not effect Dwarven machines and ghosts. The paralyzing effect has also been fixed so the enemies aren't in perma stun status... the effect also doesn't effect Dwarven machines, ghosts and dragons. Version 1a is for players who want a 24 hour recast timer, and version 2a does not have the timer.


You must either completed or in the process of completing the quest "In my Time of Need" to gain access to this summon. Please read section below for exact directions to obtain the summon.

****POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** After initiating the quest in Whiterun, the player is given the chance to choose whether to side with Saadia or turn her in to Kematu. The tome is available by siding with either sides. Defeating Kematu in combat is the first option, but be warned, I've given the character the same abilities available for his summon (read below for full details). He isn't invincible, but it will definitely present itself as a challenge. Or you can turn in Saadia and after completing the whole questline, returning to Swindler's Den. Go to the area you first met Kematu, the tome will be laying on the floor behind the area he was originally standing.****/END SPOILERS****

Kematu is equipped with the following:

1. Tarantula Scimitar: Capable of inflicting poison that damages health over time, and has 1% chance of paralyzing the opponent.
2. Viperfang Scimitar: Capable of inflicting poison that minimally damages health, but obliterates the opponent's magicka. Also has a 1% chance of paralyzing the opponent.
3: Arachnid's Blessing: A poison cloak that damages within striking range. Cloak will also release a venom spray randomly if Kematu receives damage.
4: Venom Stream: A magic blast of venom that poisons the enemy at a rate of 5pts of damage for 10 seconds. Has a slight chance of causing slow effect.
5: Mirage Swords of Hallucination: During combat, Kematu can summon 4 mirage swords to assist him during intense melee combat. The swords inflict poison damage on its victims.
6: Kematu has a slight increase in speed rating.
7: Actor does not affect the stealth meter.
8: Will dual wield his scimitars and will switch to magic periodically.
9: When first obtaining the summon, Kematu will be the same level as the player and will progress as the player gains levels.
10: Improved stats in health, magicka, and stamina.
11: Has the light foot perk so he will not trigger traps.

Notes: Kematu is excellent against mages because of his Viperfang Scimitar, and is capable of handling himself during melee combat. His bane are archers who can kill him quickly if he is caught by surprise. He has very low defense, and relies on dispatching his enemies quickly using his various poison effects to assist in depleting his opponent's health. Once he unleashes his Mirage Blades, he can effectively maintain crowd control.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the file, it should not cause any issues with any other mods. No additional mods are necessary to run the file.