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Please find Grim Gem ENB, the successor to Radiant Heart ENB and Winterfell ENB, here:

Radiant Heart, a graphic modification for Sykrim based on Boris Vorontsov's ENB Series ( 0.114), aims at a bright, shiny lighting that makes you literally feel the air around you. Still it's meant to keep the warmth of nature and the atmospheric broodiness of nights and dungeons deep.

You will find the world feel much more "threedimensional" and also more mystical and at the same time more brilliant as before. This is achieved by many dozends of hours of tweaking highly advanced graphic techniques created by Boris Vorontsov in his ENB series, including an own approach to SSAO that makes you feel the air inbetween, colourful indirect lighting that blends the world together in a very cohesive way and very detailed shadows which pronounce the delicate details of everything.

While it has a very crisp, realistic look sometimes, it's not exactly meant to be a realism mod. You will soon discover, for example, that the night clouds are much darker than you might expect, while the mountain fog glows eerily bright. On a bright day some scenes are diamond dusted and a million sparkles, especially in the near of glacier ice, will dance around you.

Seeing is believing, so please have a little step into this truely fantastic world...


1) Please do the installation manually and place all the files and subdirectories contained into your Skyrim install folder, where the SkyrimLauncher.exe is located
2) Additionally download the ENB series, version 0.114 by Boris Vorontsov, from this page:
After unzipping this KAGE archive, please go into its WrapperVersion subdirectory and just copy the file named d3d9.dll. Please place that d3d9.dll into your Skyrim directory, too.
3) When starting Skyrim don't forget to activate the FurtherDarkDungeons.esp (all credits to Mindflux/artem1s, see also below)
4) I strongly advise using the following two mods to get clarity the mod aims for:
RevampedExteriorFog by Greg Manthey (Gargorias)
Remove Ambient Interior Fog by Greg Manthey (Gargorias)
5) Make sure that in your skyrimprefs.ini (found under user/"username"/my documents[path to skyrim] this line is contained:

Please note that this ENB will cost you some performance due to high quality AO and (even simplified) Screen Space Indirect Lighting being activated.

Credits to:
Boris Vorrontsov for his great ENB Series
Andrej Dudenhefner alias mrhaandi for his excellent smaa solution used here
Matso for his absolutely amazing Depth of Field effect that I use with his permission here
TheRadikal for his twists on the enbeffect.fx and the enbpalette.bmp file that I further modified with his consent and inculde here
Mindflux/artem1s for the essential FurtherDarkDungoens Mod that he kindly allowed me to integrate into the Radiant Heart package
Sharpshooter8 for inspring me to start this with his amazing ENB's
Puuloo for his great More Dynamic Shadows Mod that I suggest to keep a very close eye on - he's just giving it the last refinements to make it really perfect

Additional graphical mods I use and like:
(HQ Textures by Bethesda)
Better Dynamic Snow
Warmer Magic Lights
Crimson Tide
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Finer Dust
Real Glaicers
Lush Trees
Lush Grass
The Eyes of Beauty

Enjoy and please give feedback and - if you should like it - please endorse it.

All the best