Breezehome Basement - Single Cell 2 by Demorus
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Thanks for checking out my mod. To see more of my work visit my website and check out my YouTube channel.

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This mod adds a basement under Breezehome that can be accessed with the stairs located under the original stairs that connect the main floor to the loft. The basement is the same size as the loft and includes items such as:
- enchantment table w/ enchanter’s satchel
- 2 storage chests
- 2 strong boxes
- 6 bookshelves (11 books per shelf)
- 6 weapon plaques
- 2 shield plaques
- 1 weapon display case
- 1 weapon rack (3 slots)
- 2 storage barrels
- noble wardrobe
And various other furniture/clutter items to fill the room. The mod is intended to appear as part of the vanilla game to maintain a balance among player homes. The basement is not included as part of the house upgrades you buy. I did this to eliminate as many problems as possible. It can be done but can also be messy.

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Have fun!