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For the people longing back to the good ol' days of Morrowind, and the people who just need a cool new weapon!
(Also my first weapon mod that's NOT an artifact!)

This little mod adds a powerfull warhammer from the third TES game: Morrowind.
In Morrowind, the Sixth House was the enemy, ruled by Dagoth ur.
As the name suggests, these hammers where used to sound the huge bells in their strongholds, although they also could be used in combat.
By the time of the 4th era, few of these weapons still excist and they've become quite valuable. I have tried to stay true to the design of the original weapon, while updating the look to fit better into Skyrim.
The meshes and textures are fully made by me, but credit goes to Bethesda for making the original design.

To obtain the hammer there's a very short undocumented quest.
South-east of Riften is a road leading into Morrowind (although we, the players, can't actually go there)
Right before the gate into Morrowind, you'll find a broken cart, 2 dead guards and an angry bandit. (see screenshots for exact locations).
Kill the bandit and read the note he's carrying. It tells you where to go.

The Bell Hammer is about equal in stats to a Glass Warhammer (but the critical damage is much higher)
There are no enchantments, so you are free to put your own on their.
The hammer can be upgraded at the grindstone with a Steel and Corundum ingot.

Now the important part!
Modders are free to use the hammer (the meshes and the textures) for their own modding projects!
All I ask is credit for my hard work.


V 1.0
Initial release

V 1.0b
-The NMM didn't put the .esp file in the data folder, so the plugin wouldn't activate. I repackaged the mod so it should work now.


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