Blacksmiths Guild - HothTroopers Custom Armour Sets by NordHammer
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Last updated at 19:51, 23 May 2012 Uploaded at 11:23, 23 May 2012

HothTrooper's Custom Armour Sets at the Blacksmiths' Guild

Six Armour Styles, Ten Armour Sets, One Forge!

*****Eliminates crafting menu clutter by placing items into their own exclusive forge*****

*****This mod is a crafting .esp only and contains no weapons meshes/textures!!!!*****

How does it work?

1) Download/Install/NMM Blacksmiths' Guild core mod

2) Download/Install/NMM HothTrooper's Armours
- Baratheon Armour Version 1
- Hedge Knight Armour Version 1
- Redguard Knight Armour Version 4
- Vagabond Armour Version 5
- Vanguard Armour Version 3
- Warchief Armour Version 4

3) Download/Install/NMM the SG_HothTrooper.esp file from this page here . . . the one you're on now . . .

4) De-activate/Uncheck
- BaratheonArmour.esp
- HedgeKnight.esp
- RedguardKnight.esp
- VagabondArmour.esp
- VanguardArmour.esp
- Warchiefarmour.esp
this step will:
- keep HothTrooper's meshes/textures 'in the background'
- eliminate HothTrooper's weapons from all vanilla forges

5) Confirm my SG_HothTrooper.esp is Activated/Checked
this step will:
- allow my .esp to access HothTrooper's meshes/textures
- add HothTrooper's Armours to HothTrooper's Forge at the Blacksmiths' Guild
- add a light sprinkling of HothTrooper's Armours to the Bandit and BanditBoss levelled lists
- redistribute HothTrooper's Armours across the crafting categories
--- this allows early, mid and late game access to these great armours
------ Redguard Knight Armours (x2) are now Leather and Steel
------ VagabondArmours (x3) are now Elven, Scaled and Glass
------ Vanguard Armour is now Steel Plate
------ Baratheon Armour is now Orcish
------ Hedge Knight Armour is now Ebony
------ Warchief Armours (x2) are now Dragon Scale and Dragon Plate


Known Issues:

Many of the forging and inventory images are not representative of the armour that is created or worn. One or two of the forging/inventory images are missing. Dont worry, they all show up in game once created and equipped. These issues are carry-overs from HothTrooper's original mods; I haven't looked into correcting these issues. Sorry . . .

Vanguard Helmet - I seem to have lost the scripting for the open/close helmet; I use the closed helmet and the Auto Unequip Helmet mod by Alek -; looks great, works great!



HothTrooper is the owner of the intellectual property/assets presented here - I only added/adjusted the 'craftability.' Feel free to open up my .esp and play with it; but, give me some credit if you then re-upload anything.

Check with HothTrooper about the meshes/textures.



HothTrooper - it really is Hoth's stuff, man!

Please consult HothTroopers individual mods for complete credits - and there are quite few of them!

HothTrooper - thanks for the 'okay' to mess with your stuff . . .