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When playing as a mage, I rarely used stamina for anything but sprinting and constantly had to wait in the middle of a battle for my magicka to recharge. Because of this, I created a spell which temporarily lowers your stamina regeneration by 100% while letting you regenerate magicka 100% faster in return. The spell is great for mages who use Destruction magic who don't flee from combat.

About the spell:
-It is a novice level Alteration spell that costs about as much magicka to cast as stoneflesh. The magicka cost can be halved with the Novice Alteration perk.
-The effects last 60 seconds and can be increased to 90 seconds with the Stability perk.
-LOCATION: The spell can be found in Ustengrav. It is on the floor at the shrine where the player should receive the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.
-While under the effects of this spell, it may still be possible to passively recover stamina through the use of perks or potions.

-Copy the .esp into your Data folder.
-Use the Nexus Mod Manager. This mod IS NMM compatible.

Known Bugs:
-NONE KNOWN. I didn't find any bugs while testing this. If you find any bugs, please report them in the comments so I can try to fix them.

This is my first Skyrim mod so feedback is welcome. I would like to know how I did.