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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 's Creator has much more advanced levelling mod and is updated very well atm.

Slower levelling - higher skillpoints needed per level -Beta

In basic does same thing as has been for Fallout 3 and new vegas mods that slows down the level progression.

WIth Skyrims these .esp's raise the needed skill level amounts per each levelup and doing so they also reduce the maximum levels and gained amount of perks a little. Mainly the idea was to reduce the effect of overdose levelling from crafting skills and few other skills that can be super levelled thus raising the level way too fast creating a gap between player gear & battle skill vs levelled enemies.

These .esp's can be used with or without the Slower skill gain mod to balance the level gain even more.

Seems there is bug with levelling happening when the mod is removed from the game, by using player.setlevel command to previous level and then raising the level back would fix this.

xp_minor = max level 77-78 when all skills capped
xp_medium = 74-75
xp_heavy = 73
xp_ultra = 67

This mod does not require New game start, purely optional for those who wants to optimize their dragonborn.

1. if you value the perks more than slow paced game , dont use my xp mod
2. if you value perks but might want to spend more time around doing exploring and not rush past main questline use the smalles xp mod And/Or the other authors slower skill progress mod

3. about balance :the medium and heavy will give players an edge no doubt But only for pure warriors as mages and thief players dmg dealing and survive skill curve hits a brickwall quite low levels vs melee whacking warriors.

mod install info , parts 3 & 4 are also for troubleshooting.

1. unrar the mod file and copy it to the Skyrim/data folder

2. Find your SkyrimPrefs.ini depeding how have you installed the game with steam and add
bEnableFileSelection=1 under Launcher section of the ini & save.

3. Now in the skyrim laucher check the Data file option and see if the mod is selected there.
if you cannot still open the launchers data files option check if you have more than one SkyrimPrefs.ini files and do the line add & save.

4.also if that just wont work check if you have Plugins.txt >>
Users/yourname/AppData/Local/Skyrim folder where is Dlclist.txt and Plugins.txt

if there isnt a plugins.txt create yourown and see if it helps

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- insides of the plugins.txt

# This file is used by Skyrim to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.


just add the custom mod esp file names after the skyrim.esm and save the file, maybe even put it write protected so it wont be cleaned by the skyrim.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- modifield

# This file is used by Skyrim to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.


Here's the info If you want to make your own custom mods aka .esp files for skyrim before the devtools are given to us.

Was made using newest FOMM
> make dummy file in skyrims install folder and rename it to fallout3.exe
>start install FOMM, when it asks fallout3 exe location give it the location on skyrims install folder when the dummy fallout3.exe is there
> on startup it asks create folders > i made them as so :
xxxxxx/skyrim/mods/rest (just the scrap files here if any ever)

start up the Fomm and it should show skyrim.esm and update.esm.
click the skyrim.esm and use > open with tesnip and wait for a while as it loads up.

> find your stuff as you go

to make custom .esp files :
while tesnip is open with skyrim.esm
> File / new > makes empty plugin where you copy and paste strings from the skyrim mother file and make adjustments there ans save & name the new made plugin as you please.