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Last updated at 5:02, 29 May 2012 Uploaded at 12:26, 22 May 2012

* I won't be updating this mod for the next few weeks as I've got exams to deal with and simply don't have the time. *

If you are experiencing issues with the tail, download this mod:


This mod has two versions:

The STANDALONE mod adds two new races: the Omes-Raht and the Marshstrider. These are basically Khajiit and Argonians mixed with a human head; however, they DO NOT replace those races and this has NO compatibility issues.

The REPLACER version replaces the Argonian and Khajiit races with the 'humanised' versions I've created. This version currently has an issue with NPC hair, as they are set to use the default Khajiit/Argonian hair which does not fit the new head model. I will likely fix this eventually, but for the time being I'm a little burnt out on modding. The Khajiit also do not have ears. This version technically isn't finished yet, but you're welcome to use it if you like. It's been incredibly frustrating getting it this far.

I would highly recommend downloading the STANDALONE version, but it's up to you.

This mod should be compatible with any body mod, as it ONLY affects the head textures, not the body. I did design it based on certain body mods outlined below so it may not look as good without them, but they are definitely not required and it works fine with vanilla bodies. It WILL, however, overwrite any Argonian and Khajiit eye textures and meshes, as well as Argonian and Khajiit face textures.


RECOMMENDED (but not required)
For the Marshwalker/Argonian race: Download and install FallenAngel's textures:

For the Omes-Raht/Khajiit: Download and install Nalim666's textures:
(note: this mod has a glitch in the body textures around the waist)

Also, BACKUP your Khajiit and Argonian face and eye textures and meshes folders if you are using the REPLACER version and want to be able to easily uninstall this mod.

1. Download and install my files (whichever version/versions you want) by extracting them to
the Skyrim folder
2. Download and install (you only
need this if tails are not appearing properly)
3. Load up the Skyrim Launcher, go to Data Files, and make sure the mods are activated
4. Enjoy! :)

If you want your Omes-Raht/Khajiit to have ears, you'll have to use this mod by calyps:
Unfortunately I cannot get ears on NPCs with the Replacer version.
The reason I cannot add ears myself is that this mod changes the head to use the same mesh as humans, so they simply do not fit on.

In CHARACTER CREATION, do NOT change the complexion slider as it will mess up the face. If you do this, you can fix it by simply changing to another preset and back again.

As I said, the REPLACER version is still not complete and so NPC Khajiit and Argonians will have weird looking hair.
Some people also have an issue with the TAIL not showing correctly. As stated, this can be fixed by downloading and installing this mod:

A big thank you to Caliente, FallenAngel and Nalim666 for their amazing body mods! And also, of course, calyps for the Khajiit ear mod and danshive for the Mystic Tails mod!