Proudspire - A Beginners Kit by Skottorp
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Added: 22/05/2012 - 07:59AM
Updated: 22/05/2012 - 08:03AM

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Read this first;

Some of you might have noticed that I not to long ago uploaded another Proudspire mod. If you did you'll remember that it would cause the game to crash if you tried to leave the manor. The good thing is I finally got the solution for this working. On the bad side, I had to begin from scrath. However, I figured since I had to start over anyway I might as well upload this "beginners" kit for other noob modders.

WARNING! This mod does not solve the "navmesh bug"(google for more info), so do not edit the navmeshes unless you know what your doing. Both of my files contain the original, unmodified meshes so aslong as you leave them alone the bug shouldn't occur.

Mod description;

Proudspire 1.0;

This makes the changes necessary for editing the manor without causing the game to crash when you try to leave the manor. Dosen't change anything in the manor, so download this if you're only intrested in making minor changes or perhaps just one of the floors or so.

Proudspire 1.0 - Furniture

Same as above, but also remove all of the original furniture. Download this if you whant to remake the manor from the ground up. Note that I also left a mannequin, weapon racks and a bookcase to use a sort of "copy and paste" solution. I also left the fireplace on the second floor untuched.

Fell free to edit and upload to your hearts content, but it would be nice with some recognition

Credits; Ghaunadaur for explaining how to get around the CTDs