Ritual Stone Servant by E2B2
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Added: 22/05/2012 - 01:26AM
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I was trying to make Ritual Stone act like Vampire Servant. Also wanted it to be a Lesser Power so one can cast it more then once a day. I compared the two powers and did not find any differences. Time to test, I cast it on a pile of dead bandits. Only one becomes my minion. Hmm, ok why not all three in the pile? I cast again, and the other one rises under my control, but to my surprise my current minion did not die. I cast on the last in the pile, and it too is under my control. How far can I take this I thought.
After clearing out a fort I had about eighteen minions. It is crazy, but I thought I would put it out there for others. It is up to you to restrain yourself from creating an army, but it sure is fun to have a mini army attacking a dragon, or a group of Daedra (thanks OCS). It even works on animals and lasts for 2 Game hours.
Brings back memories of Necromancer in GuildWars.

I do not plan any updates, as it does what I original wanted, raise at least one dead multiple times a day. The army part is just a fun side effect.