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Added: 21/05/2012 - 07:52PM
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Last updated at 14:05, 4 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 19:52, 21 May 2012

The image is a gif btw.

Terminus for Skyrim console

The default arial font looks terrible in the console. I'm not
sure it's even monospace :\

The Terminus font is much better becasue you'll see more lines
and characters will allign between lines.

The archive will not overwrite your original fontconfig.txt
You will have to manually edit the file to enable this font.

  • Examine the files, compare these declarations:
  • skyrim/Data/Interface/fontconfig.txt

    fontlib "Interface\fonts_console.swf"
    map "$ConsoleFont" = "Arial" Normal
    (you will need to add:)
    fontlib "Interface\font_terminus.swf"
    map "$ConsoleFont" = "Terminus" Normal
  • add / edit lines to your liking
  • save fontconfig.txt
  • run game and profit!

Future plans / Plea for help
I will probably try to include Consolas (MS) becasue it's a
nice console font too. I already tried. Read my notes in
Data/Readmes/readme.tox bigger console smaller fonts if you
care to. I would not mind getting some help increating the
height of the console overlay, becasue I'm a total knob
with flash and don't know which tools to use. A few links
to good and informative videos/text pages will go a long way.

I'm probably required to include the license in the archive,
but we'll skip that since no one cares about a silly mod like