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TesSnip Skyrim Simple Plugins Guide:


In this tutorial i'll describe how to make easy skyrim .esp plugins using TesSnip(FOMM).
for this you need:
-Fallout mod manager (FOMM) =>TesSnip
-useful Skyrim.esm IDS list =>

i'll show you how i make this custom axe=>

Let's start:
1)Open FOMM>tools>TESsnip.
In TESsnip: file>open and open your Skyrim.esm (located in your Skyrim's Data folde) PS-it can take a bit long time be patient...

2)When Skyrim.esm finished to load open TestPlugin01.esp in this archive that's an empty plugin ready to be edited(ther's another way, creating a new plugin but i'll explain it later.)now you my have a situation like in image 1.
[2b)you can also use a fallout or oblivion plugin,delete all groups and edit MAST(>skyrim.esm) and HEDR (>file version 0.94)]

3)now click on + TestPlugin01.esp and than go on TES4:now we can edit
-CNAM-plugin's author name
-MAST-master file(Skyrim.esm)
-HEDR-file version(must be 0.94 for skyrim)
Look Image 1b.

4)Now we want to create a new weapon, to do this we copy a pre-existent weapon from Skyrim.esm to our plugin and later we'll edit this to make different.
In Skyrim.esm we have to look for weapon's group that's named GROUP (WEAP).now we can see all weapons in game.Image 2
for this tutorial we use an enchanted (stamina absorb)Orcish 1 Hand WarAxe it ID is:
select this and copy it edit>copy Image 3

5)Now go in your plugin select clicking on it(TestPlugin01.esp)go in
you may obtain this image 4

6)start editing our new (WEAP)EnchOrcishWarAxeStamina03 in our plugin and edit like you want:
-EDID Editor ID (i edit it like this => EnchOrcishWarAxeCustom01)
be sure that is unique in game i add..."Custom01"to existing weapon
editor id.
-FULL Object name
-MODL nif.model directory (...Data\meshes\Weapons\Test\Test.nif)
with FOMM extract textures.bsa and meshes.bsa and look
the structure they have. In my mod i used pre-existent nif in sure
that texture of your item has same name that the .nif file and same
1) ...Data\meshes\Weapons\Test\Test.nif
2) ...Data\textures\Weapons\Test\

-EAMT Object enchantment
when you edit this with skyrim.esm opend you can select enchs. from
a list (Image 5)
-ETYP Object type ID
PS_i dont' yet know what OBND,MODT,BAMT...ecc are.

7)Now we have to make your item unique so we must chenage our item's form ID.
Double-click on (WEAP) our plugin,than edit form ID like in image 6.
i used it 000ca1d2
Now is time to use
Skyrim.esm IDS list =>
download it and extract in a folder, than open WEAP.txt and search for 000ca1d2(you may search for ID you want to use it's for my axe)TO BE SURE IT'S UNIQUE ID. Image 7

8 ) now we have to save our plugin,select the plugin than file>save and save it in Skyrim's Data folder.

9)To make avaible Data Files in SkyrimLauncher follow this guide(MADE BY VOLEK):

* Locate the file C:\Users\{your user name}\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini. Open it and search for the [Launcher] section. Add this line: "bEnableFileSelection=1" (without quotes). Then start the Skyrim launcher, the previously greyed out "Data Files" option is now available and you can select the plugin(s) that you wanna use from the list.

If this somehow doesn't work, use this workaround:

* Locate the file C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt. The Appdata folder is hidden so make sure that your OS shows hidden files. Edit plugins.txt and insert a new line that contains the name of the plugin you want use,edit the plugins.txt like this:

# This file is used by Skyrim to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.

Ignore the comment about modifying this file and save it. Then right-click the file, select Properties, and enable Read-Only. If you wanna use other plugins too, disable read-only and add their names to the list, then re-enable Read-Only.

10)In game open console and use player.additem 000ca1d2 1 to add this weapon.
player.additem (itemFormID) (NumberItemsYouWant)
enjoy your new item!!

In this gude i show you how to make a simple weapon but you can use same method to make other type of item,and you can make enchantments too.
by i3vdone

PS-sorry for my bad english :)