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Last updated at 22:51, 10 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 23:29, 20 May 2012

This is a work in progress. There will be stuff added regularly, but since I will not be working on it fulltime, it will take weeks, maybe months before I can claim it is truly finished. *

Be sure to endorse this mod if you like it! It's good for my peace of mind and my ongoing motivation to update :)

The Tree consist of several parts:

-The Tree of Vjaas:
The entry part of the dwelling, the "lobby", if you will. This is meant to be a pretty run-up towards the house.
It will also serve as a hub later on. Cave systems and tunnels will lead to several other trees, located all over Skyrim. It's an alternative to fast-travel for the more "real-time" adventurers. For now, the only way into the Tree is located more or less half a mile northwest of Whiterun. It should also be marked on your map.

-The Heart of the Tree:
The more conventional "house" part. I plan to put everything in there with which the player can interact:
Beds, weapon racks, mannequins, forge, whetstone, chillout room, an apothecary, an indoor garden with a wide range of herbs, tanning rack, vendors, pets and much more...

-The Veins of the Tree:
A hidden pathway leading deeper into the Roots. I cannot vouch for the safety of this location, for I havent been there myself to chase away all that dwells below.

*All future updates are locked away behind doors and gates. Feel free to check from time to time which ones have opened up, revealing new content...

°Update 15th May 2012

_ Added furniture to weapons room
_Complete overhaul of lighting and effects
_Fixed disappearing trees.
_Added more plants, vines and stones
_Cleaned up bit

°Update 23th May 2012

_Started adding NPCs (some are functional, some not)

Brian McBrian - Brian is an avid collector of random stuff, He's just moved in so try not to mind all the mess. It already bugs him, so dont disturb him too much, he's probably in a bad mood already. (For now, you should be able to sell him stuff)

Kreeteec - a rather stoic spriggan, Doesn't say much, doesn't do much...yet. Well, at least she made herself quite comfortable. (Not active yet)

Horkie - Aah, who doesnt love Horkie, the lovable horker. Don't get too close though, he bites.

_Closed the door which eventually leads to the Veins of the Tree because its an unfinished area

_Added a Tanning rack to the Fireplace room (Thx @VornskrPackLeader for reminding me

°Update 10th July 2012

_New Tree outdoor environment (stairs, plants, etc)
_Added more details to the Fireplace-room
_Fixed Brian to buy everything (also gave him more money)
_Unpacked most of the boxes in "Brian's Shoppe of Curious Itemry"
_Named Horkie, well... Horkie :)
_Removed some candles for optimization
_Dug up a fossil of the Terrible Jetgeared Goatbird, on display in Brian's shop

It is advised to leave and re-enter the tree after update to avoid inconsistencies.