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Adds cats and dogs to the world of skyrim!

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  • Polish
NEW UPDATE: Version 0.3.1.

This is a small update. After you install, please make sure the follower scripts are still working before you go ahead and continue your savegame.

- "Stupid dog" dialogue has been removed! Credits to user "TheWinterhawk" for finding the solution!
- The ringing bell is now removed by default.
- New texture added to solitude cat. Texture is made by user "RDV". He has made more nice looking textures, that will be included with the mod in the future!


Important! The models, textures and sounds are made by modder hissssa! I have just made a placement file to make his excelent models populate skyrim!

All credits goes to Hissssa, you can find his blog here:


Update 0.3

First of all, this version introduces scripts to the mod. I have only tested this on my own computer, and will not guarantee it will work on your computer. I have not encountered any other bugs then i have written here.

Note! If you dont want a scripted followersmod, but want the pets, you can install Pets of Skyrm v0.2 found in the old files section. This has all the dogs and cats in it.

Always back up your save before installing a scripted mod! Test it, and if it works use it :)

Changes 0.3:

- Makes 7 of the 11 dogs possible followers. The two dogs in the farm outside Solitude, and the two dogs inside dragonsreach can not be made followers. See below for followerdogs location.
- All dogs are by default set to protected status, and are set to respawn if killed.
- All cats are by default set to protected status, and are set to respawn if killed.
- Minor location tweaks on a couple of dogs.
- Dire wolf has been added to "the white hall" in dawnstar. Inspired by game of thrones. The wolf is young and therefore smaller than normal wolves, and can be made follower. Please let me know if you like/do not like this idea.
- 3 tamed rabbits in two sizes have been added to roerikstead. The biggest one, Roger the Rabbit, can be made follower. Beware, he is slow, lazy, and downright useless. However, he is set to essential and can not die.

I have not touched the cats in this version, mainly because of some issues with making them followers. Also i wanted to limit the ammount of new stuff i release in every update for safety reasons. I plan to improve this in next update.

Mod has been tested with UFO (ultimate followers overhaul). Not without. If you have any issues without ufo, or with other followermods, please let me know. There schould not be any problems.

All followers have tree options:
- Follow me (Makes the animal follow you, and sets your animalfollowerscount to 1)
- Wait here - (Animal will stay at the current position. This will not affect animalfollowerscount)
- Time to go home (makes the follower go back where you found it, and sets your animalfollowerscount to 0)

Please keep in mind! Skyrim have a one animal follower limit. This means that you can only have one of these animals at a time! You need to dismiss your current animal to make a new animal follow you.

The dialogue is working in the sence of you beeing able to give commands, but have a two small bugs:

- You usually need to quickly press "E" two or multiple times to bring up the dialogue.
- To make an animal follower, you must first press "E", then choose "wait here", then press "E" again, then choose "follow me".

No biggies, but it needed to be said :)

Anyways I hope you enjoy this new update, and the nice animal models made by Hisssa!



This mod adds 16 cats, 11 dogs, 3 rabbits, and one wolf to the world of skyrim. The cats comes in 10 colours. The dogs comes in 4 different colours, and several sizes.
I have tried to make it balanced, so your skyrim will not be overpopulated with cats and dogs :p The aim is to improve immersion, and also make skyrim a bit more alive.

Hope you like it! 8)

My second project:

Birds of Skyrim



1: Extract files
2: move data folder into your skyrim folder
3: Activate Catsofskyrim.esp and Dogsofskyrim.esp
4: Place dogsofskyrim.esp below catsofskyrim.esp in the load order. (It somehow caused some trouble for me the other way around. )
5: Play, and dont overwrite your savegame before you have tested if the mod is working for you!

If you only want the cats, or only the dogs, just disable one of the esp's.



A ctd issue has been reported with the mod "Taverns".

I have encountered no bugs yet with the tons of mods i am using. It also does not matter where on the load order this mod is on my list.
Animal mods i am using are "More village animals", and "Skytest" realistic animal behaviour.

Schould not have any big effect on fps, as this mod does not place many animals in one scene.

If you find any bugs/conflicts please let me know!

This is also my first mod, so no garanties it is perfect :)


I would like to expand this mod in the future, so if you have any ideas or suggestions you are welcome to put them forward! I need feedback to make the mod better :)

Again big thanks to hisssa for his dog/catpacks!



What armor am I using in the pictures?

Me (The mighty nord warrior):

Shield (the nights watch armor is also worn by the black haired follower in the pics):

Sabre cat armor:

All of these are quality mods, highly recommended by me :)

Can i remove the dogs or the cats from the mod?

Yes you can.

If you dont want cats:
- Disable catsofskyrim.esp

If you dont want dogs:
- Disable dogsofskyrim.esp (Note: The wolf and the rabbits is included in dogsofskyrim.esp)

What factions are the animals added to?

- Dogs: CurrentPlayerFaction, PossibleAnimalFollowersFaction
- Cats: Creaturefaction, Preyfaction, Hunterprayfaction, Sprigganpreyfaction
- Wolf: Curentplayerfaction, PossibleAnimalFollowersFaction, DawnstarTheWhiteHallFaction

Are you going to remove those collars/bells from the cats?

- Not in the nearest future.

Can I bring the animals to my playerhouse?

- Yes you can! Just make the animal a follower, and ask it to wait in your house. Note that you cannot make another animal follower, untill you "dismiss" the one thats waiting in your house.

Are you working on the cats sounds?

Yes and no. I am aware of the issue, and i am constantly exploring new ways to make fixes. The sound is one that i am struggling a little bit with at the moment. It will be fixed when I find a good way of fixing it.


Locations for the animals.


Riften: 3
Riften channel 1st floor
Near the inn
In the ragged flagoon

Whiterun: 3
Small kitten inside the bannered mare
Outside the blacksmith
Close to the preacher in front of dragonsreach

Solitude: 3
Besides the main road near the Bards college
Inside the shop "Angelines Aromatics"
On solitude docks

Ivarstead: 1
By the eastern bridge

Markhart: 2
In the middle
Close to the mines

Dawnstar: 1
On the ship

Windhelm: 2
In the market
Inside the trading companys building

Falkhreath: 1
East entrance

Total cats: 16


Morthal: 1
By the blacksmiths house - Possible follower

Karthwasten: 1
In the settlement on a veranda - Possible follower

Rorikstead: 1
On the road - Possible follower

Winterhold: 1
Veranda - Possible follower

Windhelm: 1
Farm by the bridge - Possible follower

Solitude: 2
Farm close to solitude, 2 dogs

Whiterun: 3
One dog outside the honeybrew medery - Possible follower
Two dogs inside dragonsreach basement

Shors stone: 1
In the settlement - Possible follower

Total dogs: 11


Dawnstar: 1
The white hall - Possible follower


Roerikstead: 3
Going out the door from the inn, go to the house corner on the right. They can be a bit difficult to spot in the grass. The big one can be made follower.


Aditional credits:

Teddybear model and textures:
Modders resource that can be downloaded here:

Authors: Tamira and Arion
Original model of the teddy: Abitor (http://thefree3dmode...ear/21-1-0-2215).
Please vote for the file on that site of you like the teddy.

Tamira: Import of the model, Nifskope work, demo-esp
Arion: Additional textures, creation of all normal maps and environment maps.

Thanks a lot to spiraldynasty for helping me make the followerscripts!


Greetings from Norway!