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Allows you to customize any ENB preset (there are dozens on the nexus) by controlling many visual effects with a friendly user interface.

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Version 2.1 released!
Whats new:
- (v2.1) added support for Other->Sharpening effect (effect.txt file required).
- added the ability to save your current settings into another preset, load and delete it afterwards.
- added almost all of the controllable ENB effects.
- added support for ENB v0.113.
- added options to expand/collapse all settings and a quick navigation to this page.

I. About
This tool allows you to customize any ENB preset (there are dozens on the nexus) by controlling many visual effects with a friendly user interface.

*Works with all versions of ENB, even future ones!
*Works in real-time, you just have to alt-tab the game, change settings, and go back to game!
*If running the game windowed, press "Backspace" (ingame) to refresh the settings. This saves even more time!

v1.3 video reviews

II. Installation
Extract the executable file into the root folder of your game (where TESV.exe is). Run it and customize settings.

If you have any problems with the program (ex. grayed sliders) that means either of the below.
*You don't have an ENB preset installed. Search the site for "ENB" and just download and install one.
*You haven't extracted the program into skyrim's root folder so files like enbseries.ini, enbeffect.fx and effect.txt were not found. Check the "!" warning button in the bottom left corner to confirm.
*Run the program as administrator (might help in some cases).
*You have values for some settings that are invalid to read (such as too high, negatives, or incorrect format).
*If some effects are grayed that means those effects were not found. Not all ENBs have the same effects. I've also updated version 2 to include what's new in version KAGE 113.
*Please report any bugs in a PM or comments section so i can fix them and, if possible, provide an explanation on what were you doing before and when the bug occured.
*I included a test folder for people still having problems with their configuration. When reporting a problem please tell if the version from the test folder worked or not. Thanks.

III. Settings

Intensity = intensity
Contrast = contrast
Desaturation = decoloring
Power / Multiplier = strength of effect
*Some settings can be turned on/off if they have a checkbox in front of their names


Here is a list of your saved ENB pressets. Use the button "Save settings as ..." and give it a name. You can then load/delete the saved preset.


Ambient lighting - changes the amount of light (general light) that the environment receives. This lightens up shadows aswell.

Exposure - changes the amount of direct light (either sun or moon light) that the environment receives. Also makes the shadows more intense.

Light source strength - changes the amount of light (from torches, fire, etc). Makes the light cast from those objects stronger and have wider radius of light.

Object glossiness - changes the amount of light reflected by objects like armor, weapons, walls, etc).

Fog - changes the amount and density of fog. Volumetric fog also affects clouds on mountain tops and fog sprites in dungeons.

Bloom amount - changes the amount of bloom in the game.

Fire - changes the strength and redness of fire particle without affecting the amount of light it emits (for that change Light source strength).

Window light intensity - makes the light coming from the windows more or less intense. Controls both day and night settings.

Lenz reflection - controls the amount of lenz effects.

Subsurface scattering - Makes Frost trolls, ice, trees and such glow at night when set too high. High values also make people go redder and lower values make them whiter and brighter. (Boris Voronstsov)

Color - Going above 1.0 will cause for example Lydia's hair to get increasingly blonde/grey.


Stars - changes the amount of light coming from the stars, at night.

Aurora borealis - changes the amount of light coming from the aurora borealis.

Clouds - How bright the clouds in the sky will be, if you have set bloom to a high setting you might want decrease this setting so the clouds won't be smudge and blind you when you look up.

Sky - Sky - controls how bright the sky will look. The settings can be independently adjusted for the entire sky area, the top, the middle and the horizon area (the light that comes from behind mountains and such).

Sun - changes the amount of light the sun emits when looking at it. This setting can also increase the amount of light the environment receives, but its not as strong as "Exposure" setting. Other settings affect sun corona size and the intensity of sun rays seen through trees and such.

Moon - changes amount of light the moon emits, with no impact on the environment. Other settings like contrast and desaturation can also be adjusted.


Deph of field - If installed, this controls how fast the depth of field is.

Letterbox height - adjusts the height of the letterbox (if any). Setting can be adjusted independently for top and bottom.

Film grain amount - controls how much film grain (noise) there is in the game, in dark areas especially.

Adaptation - Mimics the iris of a human eye. When looking at a bright light, and then quickly look at a dark area. It takes a moment to adjust to the new light "settings".

Color correction - "For Darker Nights set to true (and have the enbpallette.bmp present)" – Boris Vorontsov


InitProxyFunctions - Attach drawing functions to proxy library. Set this to false only if that dll is not hooking rendering functions and just need to be injected in to game process (f.e. bug fixes or other process memory patchers).

UseEffect - Global activation or deactivation of ENBSeries. Parameter valid only for graphic mod and not exist in patches. In almost all versions of the mod this can be switched on or off by pressing together keys SHIFT and F12 (may be changed in [INPUT] category of config).

ForceSingleCoreCPU - Force game threads to use one cpu core only. May be useful for single core cpu systems or in some cases allow to prevent crashes or other bugs.

IgnoreThreadManagement - Disallow game from setting threads to multiple cores and using os manager instead. That's one way to reduce freezing and stuttering bugs.

IgnoreThreadPriority - Dissallow game from setting per thread priority, all threads will use normal then. One of the tricks to reduce freezing and stuttering bugs.

AntiBSOD -I recommend setting it to true. When the game barely utilizes video memory, crashes or blue screens of death (BSOD) may appear on many systems. This prevents such problem and increase performance a bit.

WaitBusyRenderer - If enabled, each frame game will wait until video card will finish drawing. Not recommended by performance reasons, but may fix some problems like lagging and sometimes crashes or freezing. It's not vsync parameter but rather same as maximal pre-rendered frames = 0.

EnableFPSLimit - FPS limiter feature when enabled, it set upper limit of frame rate. Useful for keeping video cards from overheating, or decreasing strange bugs with physics at high frame rates.
Enable FPS limit with Nvidia Inspector rather than in the enbseries.ini. Don't know of any AMD FPS limter. But will upload info on that when I find some.

FPSLimit- Value in frames per seconds, at which upper frame rate will be limited.

ForceAnisotropicFiltering - Force to use anisotropic filtering for all textures with linear filtering type. Texture with point filtering, or without filtering are not changed. Better to force anisotropic filtering through Nvidia Inspector or AMD Control panel.

MaxAnisotropy - Level of anisotropy, higher gives better quality.

SkipShaderOptimization - In some rare situations this must be turned on to remove bugs of shader compiler, better to set false in most cases (turn on if mod looks buggy for specific driver version). Test changing these values, and see if it gives you a more stable run, or boost in performance.

*Unfortunately these are all the effects i found description for :(


Apply - applies the current settings.

Save settings as ... - saves the current settings to another preset. You can load/delete this preset from "Preset" tab menu.

Reset settings - resets the settings (only if you made some changes and didn't apply them!)

Restore mod defaults - restores the original settings before you first run the program!

Close - closes the program and discards any current modifications.

i button - about the program.

! button - visible if some warnings were found.

*Accomplished with 15k lines of code :troll
*Check out my own ENB preset

*Special thanks to ENBSeries developer: Boris Vorontsov.

IV. Updates

UPDATE - Version 1.2 released

Whats new:
- added support for letterbox and film grain
- added sliders for sky brightness
- added option to enable/disable letterbox and film grain (if any!)
- added sliders for letterbox height
- added sliders for film grain amount
- removed the realistic - cinematic slider since i'm not gonna implement that thing (it's too relative to satisfy each person as it should)

UPDATE - Version 1.1 released

Whats new:
- fixed majority of bugs
- adjusted some sliders maximum values
- added numbers to each slider

Endorse if it helps you! Thanks.
Dorian G.